Apple Pie Moonshine Shots Recipe with Everclear

Apple Pie Moonshine Shots:  We have had several requests for a little more kick to the “Shine”, after many enjoyable experiments (We always test our recipes) this is what we’ve come up with.  I think you’ll find this a tasty variation.  Apple Pie Moonshine is really a liqueur and the sugar amounts are merely my prefererence, you may adjust them to your taste . . . Be Creative!

1 gallon Apple Cider
½ gallon Apple Juice
7 Cinnamon Sticks
1 cup Granulated Sugar
1 ¾ Cups Brown Sugar
4 Cups (32 oz.) Everclear (Grain Alcohol) REMEMBER  Add after it has cooled to room temperature.

Combine first five ingredients in large pot, stir in the sugar until it has disolved and boil for 15 minutes, you are doing this to create a syrup to add the alcohol into.  Remove from heat.  Let it cool to room temperature, if you don’t let it cool you will lose alcohol due to evaporation.  Remove cinnamon sticks and then add 4 cups of Everclear.  Pour into some mason jars or glass bottles.  This makes about 7 quarts.  This recipe will be about 13-15% alcohol or 26-30 proof, it will depend on how much liquid evaporates when you are boiling the ingredients.   Enjoy!

If you have an Apple Pie Moonshine recipe of you own,  Please email it to with your name so I can give you credit.

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73 Responses to Apple Pie Moonshine Shots Recipe with Everclear

  1. NCBuckeye says:

    I would love the spreed sheet as well. I’m looking forward to adding “shine” to my homemade beer and wine collection.

    Thanks in advance

  2. marker68 says:

    May I get a copy of the spreadsheet?

  3. Nashla says:

    Hi Dave! I have made the Apple Pie and the Peach shines. They were a huge hit. I made a second batch and gave it as gifts for Christmas. I am in the process of making a tamarind shine that a friend requested. A different friend brought me a gallon of real Tennessee shine and asked for some strawberry shine. Do you have a recipe for that? I would really love a copy of your spreadsheet. My email is

    Thanks so much!!

  4. moonshine mama says:

    Hi Dave, thank you for all the recipes. Im not a great judge of alcohol content. If I want the alcohol content to be 60-65% , how much everclear is needed for your apple pie recipe? Does the spreadsheet have all this information? If you can send it to me, I would appreciate it. Also, do you have a Christmas flavor we could try? Thank you

  5. wvddadams says:

    My cider has sediment and it is settling overnight, do I need to cheesecloth the sediment out? And the shine is very cloudy not clear. Are these things ok?

  6. ruarkv78 says:

    thanks for this recipe Dave!!! can i get a copy of the spreadsheet sent to me please???

  7. backlashed says:

    Please send the recipe for Pumpkin Pie…. This stuff is great.

  8. chuckp says:

    Hey, made a batch of this and my family loved it at a cookout last weekend. Would love to have a copy of the spreadsheet if possible. Think I’m going to try the lemonade mix next.

  9. nightrider07 says:

    hi dave i had a couple of shots of your apple pie moonshine last night ,man this stuff is it , very very good would like a copy of your spread sheet , going to try to make my owns this week ,thanks my email is thanks again

  10. nibertd says:

    I love this site Dave. Do you or anyone else have a pumpkin moonshine recipe they can give m

  11. ilove2cook4u says:

    Apple Pie is totally awesome! Working on Blackberry now! Can’t wait to try it. Pumpkin Spice sounds awesome for fall! Where is that recipe? Could you please send me a copy of the spread sheet ? Thank You

  12. manicmndy says:

    Can I please get a copy of the spreadsheet?

  13. Mitchell says:

    This recipe is amazing! Will you please send me the spreadsheet that you all are talking about. Thank you so much!

  14. wstephen412 says:

    Could someone please send me the spreadsheet please? I am new to this and would like to tinker around with it. I have made a couple batches and people keep asking me what the proof is etc… also, if i decided to use a little more everclear than the liter would adding more sugar help offset the kick and keep it as smooth?

  15. zoner says:

    Hey Dave just joined the site it looks great. Will be trying the Apple pie this week can I get this spread sheet .

  16. brrengr says:

    Any recipes for cherry?

  17. bleau_in_mt says:

    Dave I would like to thank you for posting these recipe’s up. I’m on my second run of Apple Pie myself, been passing them out for Christmas presents, and most have already “opened” and sampled my wares and begging for more. I used a combination of this recipe, Humblevets, another that I have found elsewhere on the web, and few minor tweaks from myself. When I get it to where I like it most I’ll post up my findings here to share with a proof, got curious so I ordered a hydrometer. Again thanx for everything and saving me on present ideas. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and to everyone that visits this site..

    Bleau in Montana

  18. zoogirl17 says:

    Dave, Had this last year for first time and very excited to make this but don’t want to fudge it up… Please send me spreadsheet! Your the best Cheers!!! Rachel

    • Dave says:

      Hi there!

      You do not need these spreadsheets to make any of the recipes!

      You may want to try the HumbleVet recipe, it’s pretty smooth with a nice kick!

      I have attached two spreadsheets which you can use to adjust your recipes. I originally created them to cut down batch sizes for experimental purposes. Who needs ten quarts of something you don’t really like, I usually make only 1 or 2 quarts at a time. It’s fun to have a couple different bottles with a little different flavors and strengths.

      The whole idea is to make getting drunk more pleasureable, it’s more fun when the Apple Pie just kinda sneaks up on ya! If you want to get drunk fast you can always do shots of vodka with an apple cider chaser but it’s not as much fun.

      If you like or the Spreadsheet, Please consider donating a dollar or two or three via PayPal. Thank you!


      PS Our new one Lemonade Moonshine AKA Dave’s Harder Lemonade is really good!

  19. twjack says:

    Great mix sir and thank you for sharing. When time permits, could you please send a spreadsheet. Thank you in advance.

  20. brrengr says:

    Dave – have you tried placing any of theses liqueurs in a small charred white oak cask for “aging” just to see what the results would be? Or adding a piece of charred oak cask wood from a bourbon barrel to a jar of apple pie for a week or two? Thoughts?

  21. jdb9294 says:

    Can I try out your spread sheet as well??

  22. ljp16613 says:

    I am interested in the pumpkin pie shine recipe, why do you have to strain it? And does # mean cups. Can’t wait to try it, I have made the apple twice and the peach. Love it. Is there a recipe for strawberry?

    Thanks so much

  23. bmxers1975 says:

    Dave can you email me the spreadsheet please, i wanna make my 1st batch this weekend. thanks

  24. ClintD73 says:

    Hey Dave,
    First off thanks for these recipes. I haven’t made mine yet but had it for the first time fishing with some buddies a few months back. It just so happened the guy that had it I didn’t know. His was made of Moonshine and I drank a few slugs out of his old jug and 10 minutes later WOW! It had taste just like apple pie and never once had a taste of alcohol. It was then I knew I had to have it but like most fishermen wasn’t about to ask for a recipe as we hold all things like that a secret. Just wanted to share my story and say thanks again. If you get a chance I also would like to get the spreadsheet for this recipe with your other apple pie recipe and Humblevets. If this is even close to what I had look out at steelhead and elk camp!!

  25. tiger1974 says:

    would love that spreedsheet also
    my friends are going crazy for it but want it stronger.

    • Dave says:

      The spreadsheets will take you from mild to insanity . . . ! Try the HumbleVet recipe or Dave’s Harder Lemonade, both on the website under liqueurs or moonshine!

      • tacoterry says:

        can i get the spreadsheet to plz. I just made my first batch and smells great. I might want to play with the content. I put one cup 190 everclear per quart jar, and would like to know approximate alcohol content, cant wait to taste.

  26. joec says:

    can i just use apple juice do i really need to use apple cider???

  27. squiggleybubbles says:

    The only thing I do differently from this recipe on here it that I use apple cider packets instead of bottled because I can never find it in my town. It’s also happend to a few jars of peach moonshine that I follow with no variations from the recipe on this site. We tend to drink this stuff so fast it doesn’t have anytime to set but a few of the jars that have lasted for a couple weeks get this weird white stuff floating around the top of the jar. I’ve stopped making it in large quantities to keep from tossing any of out. I keep enough around to make it through weekends at the lake. I was mainly just curious if it was normal or not.

  28. squiggleybubbles says:

    I’ve made this recipe many times and it’s's always a hit. My only issue is when I let it set for a few weeks this white stuff forms in the jar and the moonshine tastes really funky. Am I doing something wrong or is that normal?

    • Dave says:

      I have never heard of this problem before, I have 2 quarts which were made in February which are both good and I found a quart that was over a year old and was still good. Tell me exactly how you are making it.

  29. bulldog says:

    Dave can I also get the spreadsheet? I would like to make it this weekend!

  30. Code-Man says:

    Dave could I also get a spreadsheet! Thanks

  31. larry1488 says:

    oooooooo pick me.. pick me… i wont one.

  32. frontdoor says:

    Dave could you please send me a spreadsheet. thanks

  33. chino808 says:

    Hey Dave you mind sendin me that spreadsheet too? thanks

  34. Jonesie says:

    Just made a batch… Can I get the spreadsheet please?

  35. penetratedlobe says:

    I’m going to try this out … I just know though people will say it doesn’t taste like apple pie… but then will complain it isn’t strong enough when I make the one that does…

    Just can’t win Dave.

    • Dave says:

      Try the HumbleVet Apple Pie recipe; it’s about 40 Proof and if you age it a week or two, it’s pretty smooth. For those who complain it’s not strong enough, tell them to have a few more or go make their own. If they are drinking your booze for free, you can always tell them it’s what you like and if they don’t like it . . . Tough Luck! Another option is to have a Shine Making Party where every one chips in for ingredients and you have contest to see which of the guests makes the best tasting Apple Pie, cut down the basic recipe so everyone is only making a quart or two.

  36. BERAD76 says:

    love the recipe, but like with more of a kick , can you send me the spread sheet!

  37. Hillcountry says:

    If I made this recipe with 6 cups/48 oz’s of everclear rather than the 4 cups/32oz’s, what would the appoximate percentage of alcohol be? Should I consider adding more sugar and/or cinnamon sticks as well?

    • Dave says:

      You have the spreadsheet, put the 48 ozs. into the column it will give you approximate proof. Divide that by 2 and you should have your alcohol content, which should be about 40 proof or 20% alcohol. Taste it see if you like it, then adjust the sugar to your taste. That’s why I make smaller batches so I can get the taste I want, before I make a larger batch.

  38. kimj11 says:

    Hey, could i also get a spreadsheet? Thanks!

  39. boltonboys says:

    Could I also get the spreadsheet ? Thanks, I have used this recipe and it came out awesome……

  40. enjoimark says:

    Awesome recipe. Can I get the spreadsheet also? Thanks!

  41. TomSlick says:

    I was thinking of making some this, but I was thinking of the following recipe. I know that this is a “sneak up on ya” drink, but I am looking to increase the 10% alcohol to 20% or so. I am looking at the following recipe – 1 gal of cider, 1 gal of juice, 1-1/2 cups of white sugar, 2-1/2 cups of brown sugar, 8-10 cinnamon sticks, and 2 litres of everclear (190 proof). After boiling and cooling, I plan to filter through a strainer and coffee filters. This should make around 10 quarts and I plan to add a cinnamon stick and 1/4 granny smith apple to each jar. With the increase in alcohol, will this still taste the same? (2 gals [cider + juice] + 2 litres of everclear should yield 20% AbV or 40 proof) How much of the cider/juice will I lose from boiling? Will the apples in each jar rot or cause problems if they sit for a long period of time (say in excess of 3 months)? Sorry for all the questions and I greatly appreciate any of your feedback.

    • Dave says:

      Hi TomSlick,
      Your recipe looks good. Save yourself some time there isn’t any reason for filtering or straining. How much you lose while boiling will depend on how long you let it boil, I usually take it up to rolling boil then turn it down to a simmer until the cinnamon sticks start to open up. I’m not sure about the apples, you’d just have to watch. I would only put apples in 1 or 2 quarts to observe, your other option would be to make a smaller batch. Take a look at the HumbleVet Apple Pie Recipe, it’s about 20% ABV or 40-Proof. Whenever you increase the alcohol level it will not be as smooth tasting. It’s like doing doubles at the bar.

      I emailed you two spreadsheet which you can use to project your recipes. I originally created them to cut down batch sizes for experimental purposes. Who needs ten quarts of something you don’t really like. I usually only make a quart or two when I’m trying a new recipe.

      The whole idea is to make getting drunk more pleasureable, it’s more fun when the Apple Pie just kinda sneaks up on ya! If you want to get drunk fast you can always do shots of vodka with an apple cider chaser but it’s not as much fun.

  42. shine-on says:

    I’d like to know how potent this recipe really is. It doesn’t have to knock me out right away but I also don’t want to drink a quart just to feel something. If I can get the good liquor then I definitely don’t want to waste it on a weak batch. Please advise.

    • Dave says:

      I would not want to drink a whole quart, however if you want something more potent, try HumbleVet’s Apple Pie Recipe, we just posted it two days ago. Your other option on this recipe would be to halve all ingredient amounts and leave the Everclear amount the same.

  43. boardhead3419 says:

    My math sucks. How about forwarding me the spreadsheet to.

  44. estern17 says:

    Mind sending that spreadsheet one more time? Thanks.

  45. quicknova says:

    Can I get that spreadsheet too? Thanks! Just tried this out tonight but I prefer the stronger side of things

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