Dave’s Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

I have two batch sizes here, so I don’t have to think about halving or doubling, especially if I’m sampling the last batch.  This is really good with lots of ice.

1/2 gallon of apple juice
1/2 gallon of apple cider
3/4 cup white sugar
1 1/4 cups of brown sugar
4 cinnamon sticks
1/2 liter of 190 Proof Grain Alcohol, Everclear or equivalent.

To get started, you need a large boiling pot. Add into this pot the apple juice, apple cider, the white and brown sugar, and the whole fresh cinnamon sticks. Bring these contents to a boil, then remove the pot from the stove and let it cool down to room temperature. Once at room temperature, gradually stir in the 190 proof grain alcohol. What you don’t consume in one sitting, you can bottle for later use. Store it in sterile Mason jars, place one cinnamon stick in each jar, and then store them in a cool dark dry place. After a couple of weeks your Apple Pie Moonshine will taste even better.  This batch will make about 4 1/2 quarts.

1 gallon of apple juice
1 gallon of apple cider
1 1/2 cups of white sugar
2 1/2 cups brown sugar
8 cinnamon sticks
1 liter of 190 Proof Grain Alcohol, Everclear or equivalent.

This batch will make about 9 quarts.

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494 Responses to Dave’s Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

  1. tarmitage83 says:

    Hey Dave can I get a copy of the spreadsheet with all the recipes

    Send to tarmitage83@gmail.com

  2. alpjax05 says:

    Hey Dave, I’m trying your recipe now, can’t wait!!!
    Can you please send me the spreadsheet?



  3. robert123 says:

    Could you send me your spread sheets for all your shine recipes thanks. Robert.tucker13@yahoo.com

  4. murley.m says:

    Can I have a copy of the spreadsheet please?


  5. weathermanmark says:

    Last December, I made a batch using Dave’s recipe with a little modification on the amount of alcohol & really enjoyed it, but its spring-time & no available cider. I have looked around trying to see why Dave & most everyone else recommends apple juice & cider in their recipes.
    The apple cider I got off the shelf at my local WNC grocery store had a bunch of gunk/sediment in the jug forcing me to strain the batch, worth it but a lengthy task.
    If its not real cider (just unfiltered & un- strained crushed apples), its mainly apple juice with the gunk right??
    My point & question is has anyone just used apple juice to make the apple pie & what were you’re results??

    Thank you kindly

  6. cjjpriss says:

    Please send me a spreadsheet! This recipe is loved by my family! It’s amazing!

  7. madbuc11 says:

    Dave can I also get a copy of your spreadsheets?

  8. iwillbcnu2 says:

    Can i get a copy of the spreadsheet ? Thanks in advance………

  9. robert says:


    made a batch cant wait to try in a couple of weeks,Do you have a recipe for this so called orange creamsicle?

  10. cjt07 says:

    Could I get a copy of the spread sheet please christims07@yahoo.com

  11. NCBuckeye says:

    I just found this site… Love it, Thanks

    Can you email me the spreadsheet as well … Thanks in advance and I look forward to making some “shine” tonight


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  14. baby_kitty_6 says:

    can I plz get a spreadsheet…. me and a girlfriend made 2 batches lastnite one with overhear and the other with vodka Dammmmm very good

  15. sundevils79 says:


    Made my first batch of this two weeks ago and finally drank some tonight. This stuff was great and a huge hit at my christmas party. I would love to have a copy of your spreadsheet as I will be certainly making many more batches. My email is jaysundevils79@hotmail.com.

    thanks from Jay in AZ

  16. ntoscano says:

    Would you please send me a copy of the spreadsheet?

  17. lostboys says:

    One thing I added to mine was a tablespoon of apple pie seasoning. It really added to it. I was hoping you could share the spreadsheet

    Thank You for sharing your recipe. They are great

  18. krisgarner says:


    We just made our first batch of the Apple Pie moonshine today and it’s goood! We used our vacuum packer attachment to seal the jars for storage.

    I would like a copy of this spreadsheet everybody is asking about. krisgarner@hotmail.com

  19. BigTexDavis says:

    This is my first time doing this and i made 7 quarts last night 12/13/13. I would also like to have a spreadsheet sent to me and also other recipes thank you. robert_d_32@yahoo.com

  20. Slimpikins976 says:

    Hay Dave this looks great, going to run a batch tonight, can I please get that Excel sheet so I can tinker around with a few recipes !


  21. usnaparent says:

    May I please have a spread sheet? Thank you

  22. alyjodollar says:

    would you be able to send me the spreadsheet? alyssa.dollar@gmail.com

  23. jbx says:


    Can you please send me a copy of the spreadsheet.


  24. rponte says:

    Please send spreadheet to rosalieponte@gmail.com

    I make your apple pie moonshine and people devour it! Your big batch isnt even enough for my family!

    I made my own concoction of guava lemonade moonshine this past summer based on your recipes and it was also amazing!!! Thank you!!

  25. rtbrannon says:

    I’d also really really like the spreadsheet thanks in advance

  26. Balthasar3 says:

    Hi, Dave. I love the recipe and I was wondering if I could get the spreadsheet. Jbjornstadiii@gmail.com. Thank you for posting this great recipe.

  27. kozuh1989 says:

    Can someone please send me the spreadsheet? (kozuh19@yahoo.com) thanks !

  28. mcjarthur says:

    Looks great, could you please send the spreadsheets to mcjarthur@gmail.com ? Thanks!

  29. stash217 says:

    also thought id shard my apple pie recipe that ive made for a few years now and everyone seems to enjoy….it will sneak up on ya tho if your not careful :)

    1 gal apple juice
    1 gal apple cider
    2 cups white sugar
    2 cups brown sugar
    4-8 cinnamon sticks depending on personal preference
    dash of apple pie seasoning
    1 750ML bottle of 190 proof gem clear (generic everclear)
    1 750ML bottle of regular vodka

    combine everything but the liquors and bring to just a boil then cover and simmer for about an hour. let cool, add the liquors, refrigerate, and enjoy.

  30. porkcracklings says:

    Like everyone else, I love the receive and was hoping you can send more… Porkcracklings@yahoo.com

  31. molalla cook says:

    Can you send me a spread sheet? Thank you. Tswigart11@gmail.com

  32. jsikes612 says:

    Can I get a copy of the spreadsheet. jsikes612@gmail.com. Thanks alot!!!

  33. fuego517 says:

    Hi Dave, found your site a little while back, but only just made the Peach Pie. All I can say is great job on the site, and the recipe! I have only sampled a little and am counting the days to try what I stored away! Now that I got started, I want to try more, and some experimenting. If you could also send me the spread sheet I would appreciate it. fuego517@comcast.net

  34. dixiegirl5507 says:

    I’d like a cooy of the spreadsheet please. Tks so much.

  35. GoGetEm says:

    Dave can I also get a copy of the spreadsheet? bam9cheese@aol.com Thanks in advance!

  36. GoGetEm says:

    Dave, if you get a chance, can I also get a spread sheet. bam9cheese@aol.com Thank You!

  37. brooky says:

    Hey Dave, this recipe is a big hit with my friends, could I get a copy of the spreadsheets for other recipes, Thanks

  38. travisv says:

    would like to get the spread sheet

  39. dmichael73 says:

    I don’t know if this thread is still active or not, but Dave or if there is anyone esle out there that has this mystical spreadsheet I’d love to get it. Thanks.

  40. cowboyupae says:


    Wonderful recipe. I’ve enjoyed it just as it is, but I also make the kind of apple pie that goes a crust, so I added a couple of things to make it nearly like my other apple pie! I added a whole nutmeg (cut in half), about a teaspoon of whole allspice, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla, and an apple or two quartered up. I pour through a flour cloth when jarring it up and then add about 1″ of the cinnamon sticks and a couple of the allspice then secure lids.

    Thanks for the great start! I had never made this previously and your recipe is awesome!


  41. dhoskins22 says:

    Can i please get a copy of the spreadsheet? shannon.elliott@utoledo.edu

  42. Paul says:

    Hey Dave,

    Love these recipes! Still have some sitting around waiting to be drank. Was wondering if you had any spreadsheets that you can send my way? Thank you and keep up the good work!!

  43. lamewolf1 says:

    I would like to request a copy of the spreadsheet.

    Thank you


  44. Msfoxy2072 says:

    Dave, could you please send me the spreadsheet as well? I would really appreciate it.

    My email is Msfoxy2072@yahoo.com

  45. jamz23 says:

    Could I get a spreadsheet please? Thank you

  46. Trapbob says:


    Love the Apple pie. I have several jars aging right now for Christmas presents. Could I have a copy of the spreadsheets for the other recipes?


  47. ryansbar says:

    would love a copy of the spreadsheet if you could to ryanschwartz2001@yahoo.com, i have been playing with many ideas such as a peppermint patty, pina colada, peach lemonade. thank you for the great ideas

  48. skeen4 says:

    Can I get a copy of the spreadsheet?

    I am looking for a pumpkin moonshine recipe any help is appreciated

  49. armyguy4u says:

    Hey Dave, thanks I love it can I get the spread sheet email me brown84.ab@gmail.com

  50. Rum-Runner says:

    Hi Dave, coule you send me a spread sheet. richardandjyl@yahoo.com

  51. faststang71 says:

    Dave can I have the spreadsheet as well? I would like to bump up the alcohol content in my batches. Thank you,


  52. MonstahMommah says:

    This sounds like something I would LOVE to make for my hubby. Could I get a copy of your flavor spreadsheet also? Kerlucille@aol.com

  53. Pineymo3 says:

    Hi Dave,

    I made my 1st batch last night and it is GREAT! Can’t wait to taste it in a couple of weeks after it has set in the basement. Is it possible to get a copy of your spreadsheet everyone is asking for? I would greatly appreciate it.

  54. tloiseau says:

    Dave, Im new here but gotta tell you, Great Moonshine! Only one question, I have searched high and low for the Strawberry Moonshine and haven’t found it. Would greatly appreciate it if you would send me the recipe for it as well as the much sought after spreadsheet.
    My e-mail address is: tjstena@yahoo.com
    Thank you and “Keep on Shinin’”!!!

  55. Saxon_RWandBlue says:

    I know it’s been a minute since his has been posted! But I tried the recipe and got a killer batch! Any chance I could get that spreadsheet? Id live to rey the others! St.croix423@gmail.com

  56. swenny says:

    Any chance I could get a copy of the spread sheet.
    Scott at Swendsonmotorsports.com

  57. bunnyetoes says:

    Dave, I have the mason jars, but do I need to boil and sterilize them before filling? Also. could you please send me a copy of the spreadsheet everyone is asking for? This is all new to me, first-timer here. Thanks again :)

  58. markv35 says:

    I just found two mason jars of apple pie in my basement that i made 8 months ago. How they survived this long is beyond me, but i was wondering if it was still good to drink? My basement is cool and dark and I used grain alcohol for the mixture.

    Any thoughts?

  59. HeatherAlecia says:

    Can I please get the spreadsheet? Thank you and can’t wait to try these recipes!


  60. HeatherAlecia says:

    Dave, I’m really looking forward to making so many of these recipes! Could you please send me the spreadsheets please:))

  61. armysoldier2242 says:


    Can you please send me the spreadsheet.




  62. mcgrewcp says:

    Spreadsheet to mcgrewcp@gmail.com please

  63. Jenny17 says:

    Hi Dave! This recipe is amazing! Could you send me a copy of the spreadsheet please? I’m hooked!


    Thanks! :o )

  64. joshuakaos says:

    Hey dave could i get a copy of your spreadsheet

  65. chelbel196 says:

    Dave, just made the apple pie moonshine loved it!
    Can I get a copy of the spread sheet as well?


  66. rem says:

    Is it possible to acquire the spreadsheet For the Moonshine Recipes


  67. horsehead23 says:

    Gotta get that spreadsheet! Pretty please?

    Thanks much and shine-on!

  68. darrylmac says:

    Hey Dave I apologize if I’m repeating also about asking for the spread sheet.i am interested in starting my own line/batches of apple pie.my uncles already doing this and winning competitions with theirs,but are stingy with their recipe.can you email me a spreadsheet too please? I would appreciate it.or even if someone who already has it reads this! Send to dmaclsc@yahoo.com

  69. stevelbee says:

    dave love your recipe! So does everyone that stops by the house! I would appreciate a copy of the spreadsheets if possible! I want to experiment with this!

  70. Aj10 says:

    Could I get the spreadsheet emailed to alanjenn10@yahoo.com

    I would love trying the others, this one was great!

  71. Eazy says:

    Tried this recipe and it wasn’t very popular. However, after two months in the fridge it was all consumed in one night. Two thumbs up. I modified it a little on a second batch. Only made a small run to try. I’ll post thoughts and recipe if worthy in a couple weeks.

    I’ll take a copy of the spreadsheet as well. (jep8fan@yahoo.com). Donation coming!

  72. lamt69 says:

    Hi Dave,
    Can I get a copy of the spreadsheet? Thum56per@aol.com
    Thank you

  73. lward28 says:

    Great recipes! Was wondering if I could get the spreadsheet as well. Thanks again for putting together such a great site!

  74. Calwebb says:

    Dave this and peach are fabulous can I get spreadsheets I want to try a few different tweaks thanks. send them to cwcreamer@gmail.com please thanks love the site.

  75. camp_tramp says:

    Hi Dave!! Please send me a copy of the spreadsheet at robscnic@consolidated.net

    Thank you!!

  76. Mo says:

    I made my first batch today. ..so yummy! Could I get a copy of the spread sheet also? Thank you:)

  77. Sugar Barba says:

    May I also get a spread sheet? THANK YOU

  78. Crayton8700 says:

    I was wondering if I could get the spreadsheet also. Thanks a lot! This reciepe is amazing!! Email is Crayton8700@gmail.com

  79. blackdog says:

    This has got to be better than sliced bread!!.the only problem is all my friends think the same thing too and want to suck it all up…To cut back on some cost have you ever used consecrated froozen uice before?? do you think it would separate or settle and have to shake it up every so often??,,,Thanks Dave

  80. SAlexander says:

    Hey Dave could I get a copy of that spreadsheet please thanks a lot your recipe is great!
    Please send to myemt@hotmail.com

  81. fing god says:

    Hey can I have the spread sheet please looking to try peach and pumpkin moon shine

  82. annmriley says:

    I would like a copy of this spreadsheet too please…

  83. brad says:

    Dave, could I please get a spread sheet also!!

  84. raydome68 says:

    Can you send me the spreadsheet Dave thanks! raysenko@comcast.net

  85. waddellheather says:

    I made this apple pie for our Thanksgiving family get together last november. Everyone loved it!! I’m going to make another apple batch, try the peach pie recipe and then experiment with the lemon. I’m going to add strawberries to it. I imagine that’ll be yummy!! I’m also going to make a pineapple version this weekend. Then in the next couple of weeks we’re going to have friends over for a moonshine tasting! :)

  86. timco1949 says:

    This recipe tasted good. Dave , would you mind sending me a copy of the spread sheet so I can work out a higer proof? Send to walterstim49@hotmail.com , thank you very much!

  87. david w says:

    i live in a screwed up place and all I can get is 100 proof shine in stores and no grain at all so how would i calculate the 90 proof difference?

  88. Ross3909 says:

    Can someone send me a spreadsheet that would be most grateful vanhuss09@gmail.com

  89. Bull says:

    Dave, been looking for a good recipe and this looks like it.
    Could I get a copy of the spread sheet.

  90. brain1 says:

    Hey Dave could I get a spreadsheet please? Mustang2055@comcast.net. It would be much appreciated.

  91. blackdog says:


  92. MattyW says:

    Dave – Got the jars on the stove now. Got an addiction. Can you send me the spread sheet? Don’t know if I need it but it looks popular. Nice work on the site! Thnx


  93. dano says:

    could i get a spreadsheet please?

  94. mesposi123 says:

    Does anyone know a good watermelon, blackberry, and strawberry shine receptive?

    • ryansbar says:

      i did a strawberry lemonade using the lemonade moonshine recipe plus added fresh strawberries in the initial cook. came out nice added some fresh strawberries to each jar in the end. watermelon i did very basic to just try i just soaked cut up watermelon in the everclear for about 2 weeks then pureed and strained through a coffee filter. very strong but also taste smooth

  95. Hwgozy says:

    Could I please get a copy of the spreadsheet, I would like to do some experimenting.

  96. zacklara says:

    I made up a batch with 151 and have it hidden away in the dark for aging.
    Do you strain your stuff out to clear it? The cider I used is full of sediment and I’m not sure it will settle out with all of the sugar in the mix.

    I’d also love the spreadsheet if you have a chance! Thanks for the recipe.

  97. blindskillz says:

    Dave, trying this out this weekend. Thanks for the recipe. Do you still have the spreadsheet you could shoot to me. Thanks buddy

  98. lacheller says:

    I would love the spreadsheet! I made your applepie moonshine recipe and it was a HUGE hit! Especially at the football games. Found a special on blueberries and hope to try something. Please send it to lacheller@yahoo.com.


  99. zacklara says:

    gotta ask! can I getta copy of that spreadsheet as well?
    Thank ya sir!

  100. angryhooligan says:

    Ok.. It the sake if sounding redundant..
    “Can i have a spread sheet of all the different fruit flavored “shines” please!”
    This spreadsheet sounds like a unicorn.. I know you don’t need it.. But hell I want it!!

    Great job I the site ,, tanks fer sharin

  101. jjinga says:

    After making Apple and Peach pie with success, I tried a Cherry Pie recipe. Read a few on here and I came up with this…
    1-64 oz jug white grape
    3/4 jug of juicy juice cherry
    1 can cherry pie filling
    1/2 cup brown sugar
    1/2 cup white sugar

    Brought this to a boil, then simmered for about 20 minutes. Let it cool then strained twice through cheese cloth. Then added…
    1.5 cups Everclear
    4 ozs of Cherry Pucker

    Refrigerated overnight and today it tasted pretty good. Cant wait to try it after it sits up 2-3 weeks. I will let everyone know then. ***Thought of adding a few cinnamon sticks, but I’m just not big on that cinnamon taste in my liqueur. Especially with cherries***

    • Ratchili says:

      jjinga, I tried your cherry pie recipe with one cup of Everclear and a cup of cherry vodka in place of the pucker and it turned out very good as well. Thanks!

    • scoobyshawn says:

      I have 100 proof moonshine, I have 2 fifths, which is 50 ozs. how much apple cide and juice do I put to make it right?

    • bayou boy says:

      I’m looking for a pumpkin spice shine recipe can anyone help me thanks

    • outlawrcbb says:

      I tried the cherry as you posted and it was a hit, this weekend I took your cherry and changed to strawberry and it was a hit as well. Now I want to do a watermelon and a tea but not sure how I am going to do it yet. Thanks for the cherry recipe, awesome.
      1-64 oz jug white grape
      1 jug ocean spray white cran strawberry (couldn’t find anything that was just strawberry)
      1 can strawberry pie filling
      1/2 cup brown sugar
      1/2 cup white sugar
      Brought this to a boil, then simmered for about 20 minutes. Let it cool . Then added…
      1.5 cups Everclear or other clear liquid
      4 ozs of strawberry Pucker

    • ljp16613 says:

      Does anyone have a recipe for blueberry shine?
      Please send it to rhelsel@gmail.com

  102. 3rdaywine says:

    May I have a copy of the spreadsheet? Please?
    Thank you Sir!

  103. 3rdaywine says:

    Would you please send me the spreadsheet too?
    Thank you Sir!

  104. AX227 says:

    If someone would shoot me the spreadsheet it would be greatly appreciated! Thank ya! Maxton227@gmail.com

  105. Rock says:

    Hey Dave…… im in desperate need for a Cherry pie…. what do i need??? I would love the Spreadsheet also thanks…… Rock

  106. FishyAdam says:

    Can you please send me the spreadsheet? Thank you!!

  107. scottodd says:

    Dave could you send me the spreadsheet? Thank you in advance. scottodd@gmail.com

  108. cpkfarm says:

    could i get the spread sheet plz …cpkfarm@yahoo.com

  109. vixen328 says:

    Hey Dave!
    A friend of ours made this and we had to try ~~ We used half gallon of apple cider, a can of frozen apple juice (Didn’t add the water… Wanted the flavor without watering it down too much…), the cinnamon sticks, brown nd white sugars… andddddddddd we added a 750ml jar of Midnight Moon Apple Pie Moonshine. :) ((Yes! You can buy Moonshine at the Liquor Stores in Delaware!). It’s not bad on it’s own but ~~ We knew your recipe would only make it better. OMG It is so good!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  110. huntinghuasna says:

    Hey Dave,

    Please send a copy of the spreadsheet. I have a friend that makes apple pie, I think I’ll show up with some of your stuff and give him some compitition!


  111. traeshine says:

    CanYou send me the spreadsheet Dave thanks! Rcjoyner3@gmail.com

  112. stevencloyce says:

    I have a bottle of 750 mil 100 proof and want to make this but I do not know the parts. What spread sheet are u talking about?

    Do I have to do anything to the mason jars to seal them so I can store them as gifts

  113. dbminyerd says:

    Dave, I’m getting ready to try you apple pie,just waiting on my new brew kettle. Could you please send me a copy of your spreadsheet for your moonshine recipes?id really appreciate it. Looking for cherry pie, peach pie , strawberry pie.ive had apple pie before but after reading all the great feedback for your recipe, I’m anxious to try it. Thank you very much. Aminiard@woh.rr.com

  114. MasterBlaster says:

    Oh man! Just finished my first batch today and yeehee its tasty. Planning on making a Apple Cranberry Batch tomorrow based on this recipe with a few twist. What a great website! Can you please email me the spread sheet. velez440@gmail.com


  115. jenncordeiro says:

    Hi! I was just wondering how long can fruit be left in the applepie moonshine with out going bad or making someone sick? Thanks.

  116. jayden306 says:

    Dave, I am looking to make Apple Pie for my brother-in-laws and work buddies for Christmas. From reading other posts and comments, I believe this is the recipe I want to try. May I also get a copy of your spreadsheet? jayden306@gmail.com

  117. shineboy57 says:

    Im gonna make this for friends as gifts. can i also get a copy of the spread sheet
    thanks twilliams557@yahoo.com

  118. deanno says:

    Hey Dave, I recently made a batch of apple pie shine and added a few small apple wedges. In the past i’ve purchased apple pie shine with apple wedges in the bottom of the jar but mine are floating. I’d like for them to be on bottom of mine any ideas where i went wrong? After i saw they were floating i tried to take them back out and boil them but they still float. Either way its still DELICIOUS!!!

  119. HellBilly says:

    Dave, could you send me a copy of the spreadsheet as well, would like to do some experimentation.



  120. ecurtis87 says:

    Hey Dave, anyway I could get that spread sheet please? thanks ecurtis87@gmail.com

    • Dave says:

      Hi there!

      You do not need these spreadsheets to make any of the recipes!

      You may want to try the HumbleVet recipe, it’s pretty smooth with a nice kick!

      I have attached two spreadsheets which you can use to adjust your recipes. I originally created them to cut down batch sizes for experimental purposes. Who needs ten quarts of something you don’t really like, I usually make only 1 or 2 quarts at a time. It’s fun to have a couple different bottles with a little different flavors and strengths.

      The whole idea is to make getting drunk more pleasureable, it’s more fun when the Apple Pie just kinda sneaks up on ya! If you want to get drunk fast you can always do shots of vodka with an apple cider chaser but it’s not as much fun.

      If you like GoodOleWays.com or the Spreadsheet, Please consider donating a dollar or two or three via PayPal. Thank you!


      PS Our new one Lemonade Moonshine AKA Dave’s Harder Lemonade is really good!

  121. scrumhalf says:

    can you please send me the spreadsheet too. thanks

  122. justinrich8403 says:

    Hey Dave, great and easy recipe. I’m not sure what the spreadsheet is about, but you think I could get you to email me a copy. I’m going to be making some. Plan on drinking it with family but I have a question. If you were to sell it by the quart, what would be the selling price? Same for a gallon? Thanks for your time and dedication

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  124. Slick Willie 59 says:

    Dave, is it possible to get a copy of that spreadsheet? wcstanley@cox.net

  125. lifthard1 says:

    Dave if possible could I get the spead sheet?

  126. wheel says:

    Dave, just found your sight last night and can’t wait to get to the store in the morning and start making a batch. If possible, could you send me a copy of your spreadsheet. Thanks and Merry Christmas

  127. nickg says:

    Hey Dave,
    Awesome website. Really like it,
    I just made the base for the apple pie using the one gallon recipe, but I’ve found that I have a 1 liter bottle of 151 proof everclear. Any idea on what proof it might be when all is said and done?

  128. mckinney88 says:

    Hey Dave I made your very top recipe I used 750ml bottle of everclear and put it in 12 pint size jars what would the proof be of each jar also could I have a copy of the spread sheet

  129. mattue84 says:

    Hey dave,
    I see its been a while since anyone posted here so I hope you still check this. I was wondering if you could email me your spreadsheet to mattue84@hotmail.com.

    I have made this a few times and it is GREAT im about to make your lemon one too and see how that goes.

  130. erniesimmons says:

    Hey Dave I just made your recipe tonight and it already tastes awesome can’t wait to let it sit for a couple of weeks.
    I hate to ask since you’ve emailed it to so many people but could you email me your spreadsheet as well? Please and much thanks!


  131. Coalcutter81 says:

    Dave interested in trying this recipe……what would the proof be if you use everclear? Can you email me your spreadsheet….thanks coalcutter81@yahoo.com

  132. icetray4u says:

    Going to try this receipe this weekend. I’ve had apple pie before and loved it. Looking
    forward to trying this receipe. Also would you please send me the spreadsheet to: dbab522@yahoo.com.

    Thanks again!!!

  133. beatle says:

    Trying this one out tonight. Did you use regular cider or hard cider? Could I use hard cider? Also could you pass on a spread sheet! Thanks in advance.

  134. cheezedog says:

    Hey Dave, just found this site. It’s amazing. Going to try your apple pie recipe this week. Can you email me your spreadsheet also? Thanks.

  135. cptjj88 says:

    Hey Dave! Can I please have a copy of this spreadsheet everyone keeps asking for?
    This site is amazing by the way, you give a lot of help. Thank you
    We just made a batch of apple pie moonshine that had a few more ingredients than this one and it turned out great.
    1 gal apple cider
    1 gal apple juice
    3/4 cup white sugar
    2 1/2 cups brown sugar
    8 cinnamon sticks
    1/4 cup cinnamon
    1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
    1 teaspoon allspice
    1 teaspoon ground ginger
    1 liter everclear

  136. hurricando says:

    Making a batch right now. Dave could I get a copy of the spreadsheet. Thanks so much!!

  137. otis01844 says:

    I am about to brew my first batch, wish me luck. What is this spreadsheet everyone wants? Can I get it as well?

  138. jonas9882 says:

    Hey Dave Love the site. Can I get a copy of the spreadsheet as well. Thanks

  139. Grumpy says:

    Hey, I’m in Central WI in the back woods. I have no moderation and like to do things balls out. I know you talk about making quarts and tasting it out, but hell, I’ll drink it anyway. I want to make about 24-48 quarts of this stuff for my canning jars (garden was bad this year because of the draught) and put em away and give em away for Christmas. Need em to be about 40-60 proof the higher the better as long as they have “some” flavor. Hell, I’ll even make nice labels for em with a still on em. I thought maybe you would have that spreadsheet everyone is talking about posted here somewhere for download, but I guess not. Send her to me if ya can. Last time I made anything for jars was Grog with raisins about 40 years ago that kicked ass but I can’t find the damn recipe.Nice website. We think alike on certain issues.

  140. dixiegirl5507 says:

    Can you please send me a spreadsheet? I’m intrigued…

  141. Bdally says:

    Not sure if this has been asked yet or not but how long can this be stored?? Does it need refrigerated or can it be kept at room temperature?? I am wanting to make some more of this for the holidays and wanted to get a head start on it.

  142. murse55 says:

    Dave…I can only get 750ml of everclear…how would you adjust the recipe??

    • Dave says:

      The easiest way is to make a 3/4 size batch, multiply everything by .75, or make a 1/2 batch and use 2 cups or 16 ounces of the Everclear. You’ll have enough left over when you get your next 750ml to make a full liter.

  143. rdsxgy28 says:

    So I have used a different recipe before that is almost identical but the other one doesn’t use brown sugar.. is it so-post to be darker the one i have made before is a little lighter then this

    • Dave says:

      Several years ago I was looking for an Apple Pie Moonshine recipe, they all had just white sugar, I tried it and thought I can do better! Whenever I have cooked apples for apple pie filling, I’ve always used brown sugar. So I decided to base my Apple Pie Moonshine on a simplified version of apple pie filling, I also believe the brown sugar gives it a fuller flavor.

  144. cherokee says:

    Hey Dave,
    Your Apple Pie recipe sounds like it would be great. Ready to try it as soon as I can get some Everclear!
    Can I get your spreadsheet, also.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

    • Dave says:

      You do not need the spreadsheets to make any of the recipes! If you can get 100 Proof vodka, you can use that; you’ll use twice as much, you may have to add a little more Juice and cider for better flavor. Or you could use 151 proof rum and add 25% more. In Wisconsin, we can no longer get 190 Proof Everclear only 151 Proof but we can get other brands of 190 proof grain alcohol.

  145. jnardo74 says:

    Hi Dave. Could I please get a spreadsheet.
    Ty. Jnardo74@gmail.com

  146. beav96137 says:

    I’m making first batch then realized I have the 75 proof 151 can’t go get more around here so how much of the juice should I take out to make recipe right? Thanks Bev

    • Dave says:

      Don’t cut any juice just add more alcohol! You’re trying to get to 190. If you multiply 151 by 125% you’ll be 188.75 proof. So if a recipe calls for 32 ounces, you would add an additional 8 ounces. If you want it stronger add more alcohol. I’ve made the recipe using 151 without any increase in amount and it’s very pleasant tasting. Try the Lemonade Moonshine recipe I used 151 while making it.

      • xrayguy says:

        I am looking forward to trying this recipe, but I have some questions/concerns about what the proof of the final product is. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but here’s my concern: using the top recipe yields a total of approx. 4.5 quarts, or 4.25 liters. If you have a total of 4.25 liters, and only .5 liter of that is 190 proof alcohol, then it has been diluted down to approx. 22.35 proof, or 11.17%. That would make this in the wine range, a far cry from liquor.

        Now, I did read an earlier reference to this being like a mixed drink. I’m not a moonshine expert, but that doesn’t sound like its remotely close to real apple pie moonshine.

        Again, I appreciate the sharing of the recipes and would still like to try it out. Thanks.

  147. baco2010 says:

    hey dave had some of apple pie last night and it was good. going to try some more. can you send me the spreadsheet please.
    bosborn07@yahoo.com thanks

  148. baco2010 says:

    Friend made some of this. Some of the best apple pie I have had. Going to try my self. Could you send me the spread sheet? Bosborn07@yahoo.com

  149. Rob090 says:

    Hey Dave, awesome recipe!!, Could you email me your spreadsheet, thanks Much!!!

  150. jloerzel says:

    Great recipe! can you send me the spreadsheet? jaredloerzel@gmail.com

  151. WVdavid says:

    Dave- have had plenty of moonshine being from WV, loved the apple pie recipe. Would love for you to send me the spread sheet. Much appreciated! db@windstream.net

  152. bballcoach says:

    Going to try this tomorrow. Could I please have your spreadsheet?

  153. kellyjoyce1 says:

    Hello and Happy Thanksgiving! I am about to run out and get ingredients to make this.Going to try and out-do a friend. Nothing like friendly competition. Although next year I will make this in September, for Thanksgiving. Could you send me your spread sheet?


  154. jkdavis53 says:

    Hi Dave,
    I’m new to this site and would like to know if you can send me the spreadsheet for your recipes. I’m looking forward to making a batch of this !!

  155. TB05 says:

    Dave Thanks for this great website. I was wondering if I could get a copy of the spreadsheet. Thanks in advance. Troybrown30@msn.com

  156. jlbrooks17 says:

    I can’t wait to try this Dave, will you please send me a copy of the spreadsheet?

  157. kleatus1 says:

    Dave, agian great recipe… gonna be great Christmas presents for family and friends. Again, I must ask you, can you send me a copy of that spreadsheet? Thanks again… you recipe will bring much cheer!

  158. tesswhite1974 says:

    Mason jar question do I just put the lid on and call it a day or do I need to do something else to seal it????? Giving these as gifts don’t want to kill anyone. Lol

  159. MAJ948 says:

    Can’t wait to try this. Husband is hunting in Alabama, I’m going to have him bring 190 home since I can’t get it here in Florida. Let the good times roll!! p.s. What is the “spread sheet” everyone is asking for? Thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving, I know I will with this recipe!!!

  160. Thompson5709 says:

    Dave, Great recipe. By far best that I have drank let alone made. Thank you so much. Would I bet no to get your spreadsheet? Thank you advance Dave. Keep up the great work.

    Thanks Dave.

  161. LouAnn says:

    Hello Dave
    We loveyour apple pie. Thanks for sharing.
    also could we get a copy of your spread sheet

  162. absinthe says:

    If you’re still giving out your spreadsheet, I’d love a copy. :)

    Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this site. I love this recipe.

  163. hoonstar says:

    Hey just wondering after making the drink can you drink it that night? Or do you have to let it sit and do you have to store it in mason jars or can you put it in the plastic gallon jug?

    • Dave says:

      Yes, you can drink it right away, most people do. I like to sit one or more jars aside for a few weeks or even months, you’d be surprised how smooth it tastes. I suppose you could put it in a plastic jug if you want to drink it right away. My personal preference is glass for a cleaner taste.

  164. Gabmstr says:

    I just made Strawberry Banana! It is awsome! Trying to stock up for the holidays!

  165. mrh1282 says:

    So my co worker got me hooked on apple pie moonshine and i wanted to make it and he wouldnt tell me how it was made. I was spending 35 bucks a bottle on this and then i found your site. I made my first batch a 3 weeks ago and i open one up yesterday and it was better than what he was giving me. Dave i must say thank you. and i cant wait to try more of the other recipes. If you dont mind can i get a copy of that spread sheet.

    thanks for this great site.


  166. steverhicks says:

    Hello, I have a question for you. I made my first batch yesterday and so far it tastes great. There seems to be a lot of particles floating around and collecting at the bottom. I’ve been shaking them, but they won’t mix in. I was wondering if this was normal or if I should have boiled longer or filtered through coffee filters or something. If anyone knows, please let me know. Steve

  167. usahawk says:

    hi Dave, may i get a copy of your spread sheet–thank you–get ur done

  168. Gabmstr says:

    Hi All! Love this site. I too have made Dave’s Apple Pie, but I added my own spices to it. Everyone who has tried it says it is much better than any that they have ever tasted! Thanks Dave. I’ve even been called the pusher when I walk over to someone’s place with a bottle in my hand! Haha! Is there anyway I could get a copy of your spreadsheet?

  169. ccrellin says:

    I am looking for higher alcohol content. Would you mind sending me your spreadsheet?



  170. wmarkw says:

    This is awesome. Can I get the spread sheet as well? Thanks Dave.

  171. jonk says:

    Can I get a copy of the sheet please? Looking to make my first batch!

  172. Crowbar says:

    Made my first two batches last week, turned out very nice, can’t wait for it age a bit longer. Thanks Dave, and could I get a copy of your spreadsheet.

  173. maryl326 says:

    Can youse send me a copy of the spreadsheet? Thanks!

  174. elkhunter71 says:

    Hi there! Would I be able to get a copy of your spreadsheet? Thank you so much!

  175. team44 says:

    Dave, after having had some applepie moonshine I knew I had to make it myself! I searched the internet and yours looked like the best recipie to me. I especially liked the idea of leaving it in a dark closet for at least 2 weeks. anyway, I am now the most popular girl around! I always add more moonshine than called for, can’t hurt! thank you so much, going to make a batch this weekend!

  176. blue88light says:

    Just wanna say I love making this although I have changed it up some. Had a friend make moonshine while I threw this recipe together. I added a touch of maple syrup to it tho and also added whipped crea vodka to it. Left out the everclear since I was adding the moonshine. It was amazing. I fell in love with it. I am making more soon but will not have the moonshine. I’m hoping I like it just as much with using the everclear & whipped vodka!!

    • meg says:

      where do you get moonshine at ? do you need moonshine? can i add another type or 190 proof with the everclear? this is my first time making this and i would like to make sure i do it rite. thanks

  177. jdubb023 says:

    Dave can I get a spreadsheet.

  178. wnnrwnnrchkndnnr says:

    I asked a question that seems to have got misplaced or deleted. ….. If you put fresh apples in the jars afterwards does it need to be refrigerated?

  179. woodbutcher776 says:

    I made a batch of peach, and it is good but missing something for me. I want to play with it s little u have a smaller batch recipe. Can I get spread sheets for all of the drinks. Will be trying them all.

  180. sizzlnchef says:

    Hey Dave tis the season pumpkins are in full bloom…..any ideas for a “pumpkin pie?”
    I have a great recipe if interested.

  181. mtnbiker995 says:

    Dave I just brewed up a batch and I’m letting it cool down right now as I type this. . . I was wondering if you could email me a copy of your spreadsheet?


  182. jdubb023 says:

    Dave I’m using 105 proof shine. I’ve got all the ingredients. How much of each shod I use. And can I get a spreadsheet. Thanks

  183. wnnrwnnrchkndnnr says:

    Question: I put fruit, i.e.. apples into the jars…..also added a variation (canned peaches) to the jars……does the fruit in the jars (after its made) need to be refrigerated or is it ok…to store on my cupboard shelf? Thanks for the recipe btw Dave

  184. Dru says:

    after some tedious research, i’ve dereived my own recipe for apple and everyone is going eff’n crazy about it!!!!!

    1 gallon of natural cider
    1 gallon of apple juice
    3 cups of white sugar
    1 cup of brown sugar
    12 cinnamon sticks

    -bring contents to a boil and allow to cool to room temperature.

    then i add one of the cooked connamon sticks to each mason jar and measure out 9 to 9-1/2 oz. of 80 proof moonshine to each jar then top them off with the cooked mix.
    close ‘em up and shake well, then store them away but they usually dont sit for longer than 2 weeks but nene the less the taste is absolutely great!!!!! any suggestions from you professionals out there????????????

    • Dieseldave says:

      Through experience in making apple pie or any fruit concoction it is best to not boil but bring up to about 160°F and hold for about a hour. At higher temperature the sugars will convert and change flavor profiles (about the same a the strike temp for making grain mash except this effects the fermentation process) ive noticed quite a difference in taste based on temperature. Also to help keep freshness put about 2.5 shots of 190+ grain alcohol in a 1 quart mason jar and ill with hot apple pie and seal quickly. Then let cool and it will vacuum seal the jar plus kill any bacteria in jar. Ive had good luck at storing for months. Happy brewing!

  185. patehle says:

    Hello Dave,
    I purchased 2 bottles of Virginia White Lightening (750ml). 100 proof. What are the ratios for a good recipe with this spirit? My first time making the Apple Pie.

  186. nottley says:

    Being fall and all I am craving Pumpkin Pie. Have you tried out a recpie for pumpkin pie moonshine?

    • sizzlnchef says:

      3# canned pumpkin
      2# white sugar
      1# dark drown sugar
      2 TBS cinnamon
      1 1/2 TBS ground ginger
      1TBS ground nutmeg
      20 whole cloves
      5 all spice
      2 gallon water

      heat water and sugar till all sugar is dissolved, add remaining ingredients and bring to a boil. Then simmer for 1 hour. Let cool somewhat. Here’s the hard part-the straining Strain mixture till your liquid is clear. This takes quite some time. If you have any suggestions for this part let me know!!!!! After strained I bring back to a boil and let cool to room temp. then I add 1 TBS vanilla and 2 qts of 160 proof moonshine.

  187. IzzyK says:

    I have 1 Quart size mason jar of moonshine. Can you give me the appropriate measurements to make the Apple Pie Moonshine. I don’t want to make it too weak and I don’t want it to knock my socks off. I want the slow sneaky effect of it!
    Thank You

  188. shellfish says:

    Hey can you please send me the spread sheet? Thank you

  189. rgordon says:

    I’m waiting for my first batch to fully ferment, and then I’ll distill it and mix it with some flavors so I could get an apple-pie ‘shine. I followed this recipe from this site http://www.whiskeystill.net/pages/moonshine-recipe, where I also purchased my still. The main ingredient are potatoes, my question is, will it make the same ‘shine even though I used potatoes instead of grains? tnx

  190. drop kick says:

    I can only find apple juice but no cider can I just use this with the sugar and cinnamon sticks

  191. olivearnett says:

    Hi just made this for the first time.. added an apple slice in each masin jarhaven’t tried it yet as I would like it to set for a bit before I try it… wondering the effects of this and if anybody has tried it? Will the apple get gross from sitting too long? Worried about botchilism and if there’s enough alcohol in it. Could I also get a copy of the spreadsheet too please?

  192. Droozy says:

    Broken record

    Err spreadsheet emailed to me please…. Spreadsheet to Droozy, pretty please?

  193. seaman says:

    Know any of Popcorn’s receipes from his book Me and My Likker?
    Send me an email seashead@yahoo.com.

  194. seaman says:

    I haven’t run into a properly created Moonshine that has given me a hang-over!
    Even though I don’t consider Popcorn Sutton’s commercial likker (that’s a watered down version his Moonshine Recipe) Moonshine it still lack all the additives that the more national brands have. Even after dinking enough of Popcorns water down version to the point of over dose (if you puke you are over dosing plain and simple) I woke up felling fine.
    I hear that Yeast is the main culprit in the hangover epidemic (yeast more so than anything) but, Sugar is added to increase more and has been said to create hangover effect too.
    It all goes back to the Quality over Quantity!
    No Yeast as little sugar as possible, know the Temp plateau & find the blessed heart of your run!

  195. seaman says:

    Ole’ Smoke Applepie Moonshine is 100% it was smooth & tasty.
    And, like any other properly made Moonshine I woke up at 6a.m. with no hang-over(Despite, the fact that I drank over 3/4th’s of the jar!) & sat out on the back porch watching the fog roll through the Smoky Mountain Top as I smoked a Medical Cannabis Cigarette.

  196. jjinga says:

    As far as the jar sealing goes… I made my first batch of apple pie (which is outstanding) two weeks ago and all I done was boil the bands and seals before putting them onto the jars and everyone of them sealed.

  197. glweeks says:

    Wow… 2nd batch I used another 750ml on top of the 1.75L… Should be like 42.5% or 85 Proof. I skipped the honey and went with 2.5c Brown Sugar…

    Came out great, but you don’t have to drink as much of the sweet stuff… :)

  198. jjinga says:

    Made Apple Pie a week ago and just let some frineds get into and it blowed their socks off, and they only take a drink about twice a year. Awesome. Will be making some Peach Pie tomorrow. Will really have to be good to beat the Apple Pie.

  199. kimmme says:

    Could I please have your spreadsheet? Yummm!!

  200. mattdilly says:

    I just tried out yours Dave they are in my closet to let stand for 3 weeks see how this one turns out and see witch one I like the best here is how I make mine
    1 gal. apple juice
    1 gal. cider
    3 cups sugar
    8 cinnamon sticks
    1 bottle grain alcohol
    heat everything but alcohol on stove boil for 30 min.
    cool completely then add alcohol
    put in bottles and ref.

    • Dave says:

      Whatever you prefer is a good recipe! That’s what making your own stuff is all about. I based my recipe on one I used to cook apples for pie filling, that’s why I use brown sugar. Check out the HumbleVet recipe on our sight you might enjoy it.

  201. chane_L says:

    i put a lil summertime mommy twist on it
    i used 2bottles 1/2 gal of white grape&peach and 1bottle of pom&cranberry juice instead of sugar i used agave nectar added some pure vanilla , once room temp added some 99peaches (99proof peach schnapps) and the 190 proof everclear. the intial has bite which i’m sure will mellow fine in the coming weeks.

    • chane_L says:

      oh forgot to say also used a lil coconut palm sugar. and the agave is raw organic dark. both items order thru sunfood superfoods which is a specialty store.

  202. stacieanne says:

    Any ideas on how to alter recipe as I can not find any apple cider currently in my hometown. Everyone says its out of season! Also could I get a copy of the spreadsheet as well Dave?

  203. Cabledawg says:

    Hey Dave can i get a copy of your spread sheet…i wanna try this recipe when i get back from my deployment…Thanks

  204. babyblue0149 says:

    Hi Dave,
    I am getting ready to make the Applepie, is it drinkable once I add the Liquor in, or should I wait a few weeks before drinking? Also can you please send me a copy of your awesome spread sheet I keep hearing about?
    Thank you :)

  205. gcarpenter says:

    dave, i am in love with you!!
    this recipe is our favorite.
    would you mind sending the spreadsheet so i can experiment with the levels of alcohol? i wanna kick it up a bit ;)

  206. jeremy2222 says:

    hey dave could you send me a spread sheet please?!

  207. amom2all says:

    I just made my first batch using agave instead of the sugar. I used the light agave for the white sugar and the amber agave for the brown sugar. I will let you all know how it turns out in a few weeks.

    • glweeks says:

      I’m already planning my second batch… Eager to know how yours turns out. Did you feel that using all amber agave would have been overpowering? I have never used it, but does it have the molasses added also?

      Thinking of using all ‘Sugar in the Raw’ next time… Read that they have it in a liquid form.

      • Dave says:

        If you like agave then go for it, I am not a big fan after I did some research. It has as much if not more fructose as High Fructose Corn Syrup. (Check it out at Mercola.com and search for Agave.

        The Myth of Agave as a “Healthy” Sugar Substitute
        • Agave syrup is neither a natural food nor organic
        Fully chemically processed sap from the agave plant is known as hydrolyzed high fructose inulin syrup.
        According to Dr. Ingrid Kohlstadt, a fellow of the American College of Nutrition and an associate faculty member at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health:
        “[Agave is] almost all fructose, highly processed sugar with great marketing.”

        •Agave syrup is not low calorie.
        Agave syrup is about 16 calories per teaspoon, the same as table sugar.

  208. glweeks says:

    Hi all!

    Wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their input on the Apple Pie recipe…. My first batch turned out awesome and by all calcs should be 55-60 proof.

    1g Apple Cider
    1g Apple Juice
    1c Dark Brown Sugar
    1.5c Honey
    6 Cinnamon sticks
    cap of Vanilla Extract
    shake or two of Nutmeg
    shake or two of Clove

    Brought to boil, simmered for about 1hr or so (Should have timed)… Sticks uncurled & it reduced by about a half a pint. Gave it a ice bath and brought the temp down & added a half gallon of Everclear. I was nervous, but that first sip assured me I wouldn’t have to pay $$$ for this again. Awesome, awesome stuff….


    Thinking a little less honey next time.
    I may add another shot or two of Everclear to the Quart jars I filled to the line.

  209. perrybarj says:

    I would like a copy of your blackberry moonshine. Also if u have a cherry. Going to try the peach.

  210. DLew says:

    Dave if you have a recipe for cherry pie can you help me out? i have made your apple pie many times and its great but have been looking for a cherry recipe but cant find one anywhere

  211. mamataney says:

    I stumbled across this as I saw someone else posting today about making Apple Pie Liqueur. Your recipe is quite similar and I’m sure it is quite good, this I do not doubt at all. I simply have to point out one very crucial mistake. This drink, made following the above recipe, is NOT moonshine.
    I truly am not putting the drink down, as I am certain it is delicious and I intend to make something similar soon and my family has been making similar drinks for many, many decades. However, that said, I live right near the “Moonshine Capital of the World” and this drink isn’t moonshine – not because it isn’t clear, but because you’re using already made booze.

    • Dave says:

      All the recipes I have found, that call themselves Apple Pie Moonshine are really nothing more than a Liqueur. You are correct!

      • seaman says:

        Ole’ Smoke Applepie Moonshine is 100% it was smooth & tasty.
        And, like any other properly made Moonshine I woke up at 6a.m. with no hang-over(Despite, the fact that I drank over 3/4th’s of the jar!).

  212. stilly says:

    I have never bothered to make anything like this. Until my friend came back from a wedding he was at in Indiana and he said DUDE you GOTTA TRY THIS STUFF! It’s called apple pie moonshine or something like that…

    Out here in Commiefornia it is next to impossible to get 190 proof Everclear so I had to go to AZ and get it. Well, Now that I have found your page, I am fairly certain based on the comments and recipe that this is where the guy at the wedding that passed it all around got it from too. LoL. So now I have made about 2 batches of this stuff and I have started to mix up the juices with blueberry and pomegranite. I want to go for the peach moonshine next because the girlfriend was asking about it. SO, with that said,
    will you please send me a copy of the spreadsheet as well as any other spreadsheets for any of the other drinks? This is fun. I like to bake and this is kinda like baking cept the results gotta wait about two weeks…

  213. loosecannon says:

    also does anyone know how to make apple brandy i would like to try to make some but im not really sure how

  214. loosecannon says:

    i was wondering if anyone had tried mccormicks apple pie spice and if so how much for a two gallon mix also has anyone tried ground cinnamon instead of sticks thanks for any info

  215. GulpGrin says:

    Just made a batch of this for my Memorial Day party tomorrow afternoon. Can’t wait to taste it! Thanks.

  216. Laura K says:

    Love apple pie!
    Can I get the spreadsheet please?

  217. fcplumber says:

    I am wanting to make a batchand the only moonshine i can get at the local ABC store in VA is 80 proof and in a 750 liter bottle. How would you recomend the mixture to get the same taste with the 190 evercear.

    • Dave says:

      You would have to triple the amount with 80 Proof Vodka. I would try the following amounts: 32 oz. (1 quart) Apple Juice, 32 oz. Apple cider, 6 tablespoons white sugar, 6 table spoons brown sugar and 3 cinnamon sticks. After you have boiled this long enough for the cinnamon sticks start to open, let it cool down to room temperature then add your 750 ml bottle (25.5 oz).

  218. jjdd0325 says:

    Can u email me the spread sheet please ty

  219. dkelso24 says:

    Dave, made this last Christmas. Loved it, can you send me the spread sheet please?

  220. nakdmonky says:

    I would like a copy of the spreadsheet, please. Thank you!

  221. cnsmith92 says:

    Can I please have a copy of the spreadsheet? Cnsmith92@aim.com

  222. matt0922 says:

    Your recipe is great. Could I have a copy of your spreadsheet. Thank you for your time.

  223. JenNicholson says:

    I can’t wait to try this! Can I have a copy of the spreadsheet, please? Thank you!

  224. bosshogg812 says:

    Is there any way i can make this without the apple cider?

  225. tgfree says:

    Dave just got done with a batch of your apple pie love ! I’m going to a poker party tomorrow so my family can give it a try can you send me that spread sheet that everyone else was asking for. Thanks

  226. Britishdebs says:

    I am new to drinking shine and do NOT like it straight so my hubby looked for ways to change it and he found your recipe. I made it and OMG it’s fantastic so I can’t thank you enough for recipe. The guy who supplies us with the shine only drinks it straight but he loved what I did to it using your recipe. I am now a regular drinker of apple pie shine and I’m really looking forward to making more and trying other recipes. Thanks SO much for sharing I really appreciate it.
    I do have to ask what are the spreadsheets I see people asking for?

  227. Tweeks_inc says:

    I’m making apple pie shine while I write this…i want it a little stronger…I’ve drank 2 cups of the mixture. What would your spreadsheet tell me? Thanks in advance…tastes awesome!

  228. chris190 says:

    I had some great Apple Pie Moonshine last week and would like to make my own – I’ll just get the white shine next time for it. It’s got to work out a lot cheaper than the ready made Apple Pie.

    I would really appreciate a copy of the spreadsheet it it’s still available.

    Thanks for the website and all the useful information.

  229. jpalmer says:

    Dave, can I get a copy of the spread sheet?

  230. tyexpo says:

    Making it this week. Can I get a copy of your spreadsheet?

  231. ishabish says:

    Hey Dave, I just joined the site and want to try this recipe as I LOVE IT! I couldn’t find any apple cider in my area. I have everything I need except for the cider. I looked online for a substitute and of course it’s apple juice. Do you have any other recommendations? Should I add some crushed apples? I appreciate your help. I am ready to start making a batch to see if I have the gift!

    • Dave says:

      You have the Gift! I would use apple slices; that way you can eat the slices, they should be really good. For a little different flavoring try the HumbleVet Apple Pie recipe on our website.

      • ishabish says:

        Thanks Dave! I found some cider finally, but I still put apple slices in there, a little vanilla, and nutmeg to round out that down home apple pie taste. Everyone loves it. I have requests at work for more samples, LOL. I have family in TN and VA that gets the real moonshine, but I wouldn’t want to waste it on this, Everclear works just fine. I put 1.5 liters in my batch and it was still smooth! Thanks Dave! Oh, and would love the famous spreadsheet as well if possible: aburks4life@yahoo.com

  232. IGETDRUNK says:

    Hey Dave, I love the site. Lots of good recipes. Would you please send me a spreadsheet? Would the spreadsheet help me make small sample batches of the recipe so that I dont make a lot of something that I might not like? Also, does the spreadsheet work on your other recipes as well? Thanks….

    • Dave says:

      I designedyou the recipe so that I could make smaller batches. The spreadsheet works on just about any recipe, just change the ingredients and amounts. A spreadsheet is nothing but simple mathematics structured in a form so can see and change amounts.

  233. Southland says:

    Just joined the site. Did not know about Apple Pie until a couple of weeks ago.
    Going to the stores today for supplies. Wish me luck.
    Could I get a copy of your spreadsheet.

  234. Dana says:

    Would like the spreadsheet. Thanks!

  235. Wideleft says:

    I am making a big batch now! Could you please email me your spreadsheet.

    Thanks so much!

  236. kingman says:

    May I get the spreadsheet? Kingman@me.com

  237. tommy says:

    Tried your apple pie moonshine and in was a hit . Could I get a speadsheet?

  238. kimberly says:

    Hi, Dave. I LOVE apple pie moonshine, and I’m really excited to try yours. Would you please send me the spreadsheet? Thank you in advance!

  239. Kegger says:

    Dave do you strain your can peaches or do you use the peaches and the liquid from it please let me know I would like to try and make a cherry or a blueberry shine

  240. leashyboy says:

    Just found out about this wonderful recipe, can anybody PLEASE send me the spreadsheet? Thanks in advance Good day Cheers

  241. MadMax says:

    I too would like the spreadsheet you have. Would you please email it to me? Thanks!

  242. DaRedneck3 says:

    Ive made a double batch and under “hydrated” the batch due to only being able to get 151 proof everclear here. If I did the same double batch again what would be a comparable amount to use to properly “hydrate”? How much extra could i use without loosing the great flavor and smoothness??

  243. SocksAllen says:

    Hi Dave, I have been wanting a recipe for applepie moonshine for years. I am so happy to find yours. You are awesome… Could you email me the spreadsheet that everyone keeps asking for. Thanks

  244. jimmy67 says:

    Dave your recipe is great I added wedge of a granny other apple to each jar letting it sit now for a week or so before I try it. Would. You send me a spreadsheet for future batches tks

  245. ironraider75 says:

    love the recipe, could i get a copy of the spreadsheet

  246. genkidetchu says:

    Dave I have my mix ready for alcohol. Can I get the spreadsheet please? I know i want it strong but dont wont to go overboard. Taste great so far!

  247. brilovett says:

    Dave can you send me the spreadsheet?

    I have made the apple and it was great. Struggling trying to perfect a cherry and a blueberry because I can not find the proper juice to use. Everything I find in a cherry and blueberry is a blend.


  248. oltmancarl says:

    Been looking for a recipe like this for awhile now. Can you please send spreadsheet thanks Dave!

  249. bluelights524 says:

    dave can you email me this spreadsheet

  250. shiner says:

    On my 3rd batch of this and everyone LOVES IT……! Thank you so very much. Glad you posted the info on the difference between the 190 proof and 151. Needed the conversion. I’m gonna try to make the Peach Next. Hope you are working on a receipt for Grape!!!???

  251. subwaytom says:

    Dave, I am attempting to make this recipe, however I was unable to get the 190 proof everclear. I got the 151 proof, how do I figure out the proof of my mason jars would be…Thanks Tom

    • Dave says:

      It’s really simple, 190-proof equals 95% alcohol and 151-proof equals 75% alcohol. So if use 25% more of the 151-proof you will be real close, so instead or 32 ounces use 40 ounces.

  252. Randy says:

    Ready to try the recipe as well Dave. Please send me the spread sheet.

  253. bt11ss@yahoo.com says:

    Can I get a copy of the spreadsheet too please. Thanks

  254. orange crush says:

    Dave, I’m ready to try this recipe. Please send me a spreadsheet as well. I’ll let you know how my friends like it. It sounds tasty!!!, and I have some thirsty friends.

  255. woau15 says:

    Could I get in on that spreadsheet action too? Your recipe is a huge hit (even without the alcohol for a pregnant friend) and I can’t wait to try your peach moonshine recipe. Than you.

  256. Nick says:

    I’m about to try your recipe! I was hoping you could send me a copy of your spreadsheet as well. I’ll report back with my results! Can’t wait to start!!

  257. Trainnuts says:

    Thanks a million for listing the basic recipe online. Could I possibly talk you out of a copy of your spreadsheet so I can try some modifications?

  258. gadawgfan45 says:

    Can you email the spreadsheet to me too ?

  259. HumbleVet says:

    Great recipe though I put my own twist on it with a bit of vanilla extract and about 6oz Buttershots (using 9qt recipe). Its a big hit around here and that says a lot being in the South where Shine is readily available. Thanks Dave!

    Would you mind mailing a spreadsheet?

  260. express_gun says:

    can I get a copy

  261. stuffum says:

    Dave me also on the spreedsheet. TY

    Have you made a strawberry or lemon flavored drink? If so do you have recipes to share?



  262. mike says:

    Hey Dave could I get you to send me one of the spread sheets.

  263. SYX says:

    Hi Dave, been looking around for a good recipe, and seems yours is the best; Though I’m looking for a stronger proof (even more than your shot version).

    Could you provide me with the spreadsheet as well?


  264. Matt08 says:

    Hey Dave I’m gettin ready to make my very first batch of this. Had a friend of mine make some a while back and it was amazing. Was wondering if I could get a copy of that spreadsheet to take a look at? Thanks!!!

  265. bnmatine says:

    Can I get the spreadsheet too?

  266. bpea6593 says:

    Can I get the spreadsheet too? Also, if you use everclear instead of moonshine, it’s legal right? Since everclear is bought as a taxable liquor.

    • Dave says:

      I’ll email you the sheet tonite, check your email. It’s perfectly legal, you are actually making a liqueuer. Enjoy!

      • seaman says:

        From my interpretation of the corrupt laws that are imposed upon the free sheeple of this great corrupted Republic Government not Democratic (no Democracy see dictionary)!
        If you alter or repackage Federally Sanctioned Distilled Likker it is illegal!
        If they wanted to hard asses if you are cooking & add likker to it then cover it to quench the flame you have committed a Federal Crime because the condensation collected on the lid is in all rights Distilled Likker?
        Am I wrong? Just trying to get some clarification on this (any loopholes that support the legality you talk about).
        This spread sheet I keep hearing about is something I’d like to have a look at for study.
        But, still design is the main focus of my interest (All Copper not the new age crap, my still should deal with the sulfates and stuff better then the steel & scrubbers)at this juncture of my study into my Grandfathers & Fathers adolescent life in Tennessee(Being a 1st generation Yankee).
        If you can’t handle the work to building your own then you shouldn’t try to make a run of it!
        My choice from the stand point of quality over quantity is the elusive steam heated stills. It is just I’m having a hard time on, well to be honest, almost everything. Inclosing the lower portion of the still (below the collar) in another sealed cylinder with the stills drain pipe going through is simple. But, the act of inducing the proper amount of steam & it’s induction along with pressure release figures.
        Any insight into this would be greatly & wisely be appreciated, contemplated and put to use.
        More questions for your consideration I will try to post at appropriate places on this page.
        I don’t know if I have to add my E-Mail for you to contact me?

      • sizzlnchef says:

        what is this spreadsheet every1 is talking about? Can I get a copy?

  267. aem2188 says:

    Hey Dave, 190 proof Ever clear isn’t legal here in Virginia. How much 151 do I add in leiu of the 190?

  268. eagle326 says:

    About the alcohol content or proof. I know when I made this I boiled out in the process a couple quarts. So the alcohol is stronger in the final product.

    • Dave says:

      When you are making Apple Pie you only have to bring it up a boil briefly, long enough for the sugar to disolve and for the cinnamon sticks to open up. I know some folks that heat it just long enough to disolve the sugar and never let it boil. Then make sure you let it cool down before you add the Everclear because alcohol itself will boil off at about 170 degrees. And yes you are correct, the more liguid you lose the stronger it will be.

  269. nick says:

    would it be possible to get that spreadsheet? I’m trying to figure out how strong I wanna make this stuff lol

  270. cmmetz says:

    Just made this, added a bit to much everclear. Got any suggestions as to how to save this? Should i put a cinn. stick in each jar?

    • Dave says:

      First tast it you may like it, some people mix it stronger on purpose. It’s easy to save just add more cider & juice. You may put a cinnamon stick in each jar if you wish, try it half with a cinnamon stick and half without, find out which you prefer.

  271. Johnny5 says:

    Dave, Im going to try crumbling the gramcrackers and putting them in my “mash” and also adding alittle bit of butter extract to give it a taste of crust. And of course filtering when I pour it up. Will let you know how it turns out!

  272. Johnny5 says:

    Pmmarion, I would like to make the two sizes of batches to be around 100-110 proof. How much grain alcohol should I use? Also can you post that formula please? I ordered a “proofer”(hydrometer) and havent received it yet and am ready to start cookin’! Thanks, j5

  273. rd5252 says:

    thanks for the recipe its great!!!!! i wanted to know if you can make other flavors with this same method like cherry or coconut or whatever. i had a lot of fun making this and just want a few different tastes to add to the bar.

    • Dave says:

      I’m happy you are enjoying the recipe. Yes, you can make other flavors, you are basically making a liqueur. Try the Peach Moonshine recipe or the Apple Pie Shots. The fun part is you can adjust it to your personal taste. If you come up with some good recipes, please let me know.

  274. Buddy says:

    Been making it for about 4 months now and it’s a hit! Make about 10 quarts every two weeks lol. Just a tip if you wanna little sweetness to this great recipe. Take some honey and brown sugar and mix it in a bowl. Then get some Cinammon Graham Crakers and crush them until they are in crumbs. Take a glass and dip the rim in the honey and brown sugar then dip it into the Graham Crakers. Pour the apple pie in and ENJOY!

  275. cheers07 says:

    no i havn’t tried it yet but looking forward to it.I altered this recipe tho by adding 1/4 cup more alcohol.I like a little more kick.lol I also am hoping to try the peach pie recipe soon. I can’t find that everclear anywhere in canada ON I have to make my own.

  276. cheers07 says:

    Just made up a batch tastes amazing.I was curious if its normal to get a layer of setiment at the bottom of the jars?Do you let it settle, syphon it out then store them in another jar after or filter it.

    • Dave says:

      I’ve never really noticed sediment, it could be a cloudiness caused by the apple cider or undissolved sugar. You can filter it through a coffee filter for better clarity. None of the ingredients can harm you, except for a hangover from enjoying too much of the Apple Pie Moonshine, so if it tastes good I drink it! Have you tried the Apple Pie Shots recipe yet?

  277. brenren says:

    when you use the cinnamon sticks when your boiling the the recipe do you use them to put in jars or do you put fresh cinnamon sticks in jars…let me know thanks

    • Dave says:

      I boil the mixture until the cinnamon sticks begin to open, then I let it cool down to about room temperature and add the alcohal. Reuse the same cinnamon sticks in the jars. I discovered this by accident, I found I had let a stick be poured into a jar. I thought I might have ruined it because it had been sitting in the jar for a couple of months, as it turned out we liked the extra cinnamon taste. Try some jars with and some without the cinnamon stick.

      • goldyda says:

        Dave, new to site. Anyway you could email me the spreadsheet? I’m only able to get 151 proof so limited


        • Dave says:

          151 Proof works, you just need to add more! 190 Proof is 95% alcohol and 151 Proof is 75.5% alcohol, so you would need approximately 1/3 more. I never add the full amount right away, I like to adjust it to my personal taste. You can always add more alcohol but it’s hard to take it out.

  278. pmmarion says:

    Actually Dave, for the recipe you give, the proof is closer to 22. A half gallon is 1.894 liters so one gallon is 3.788 liters to give a total volume of 4.288 liters with the everclear. divide the half liter of alcohol by the total volume gives you 11.66% total volume is alcohol. Multiply that by 95% (everclear percentage of alcohol) gives you 11.07% which comes out to 22 proof. To make it about 70 proof use 2 liters of 95%/190 proof everclear.

  279. seligjos says:

    When i put them in the mason jars can i just throw the tops on there and screw them tight or do i have to seal them and can them off?

    • Dave says:

      No you don’t have to seal it, in fact you don’t have to use Mason Jars.
      Any clean bottle will do. The only reason to use a Mason Jar is
      because moonshiners use them to bottle their shine, it’s a traditional thing for fun.

  280. thomas2234 says:

    how long will this stuff last if u store it and age it ???

    • Dave says:

      I’ve had some for about a year, I found it on a shelf in the closet and it was still good. It usually doesn’t last that long around our house. I have heard of people who have kept it several years.

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  282. thomas2234 says:

    is the drink still strong after u make it ???
    srry if there dumbass questions ?

    • Dave says:

      You will get drunk. Make a small batch, you can make a quart size batch, 16 ounces Apple Cider and 16 ounces of Apple Juice, 4 ounces of Evervlear, 3 tablespoons of white sugar and 5 tablespoons of brown sugar and 1 cinnamon stick. Just remember you add the Everclear after it has cooled. Try it, if you want it stronger add more Everclear. It’s always easy to add more alcohol. You can change around the recipe to make it to your taste.

    • copperhead says:

      You need to get a alcohol meter. They are nice to have if you are going to mix 190 proof……

      • Dave says:

        A Proof and Tralle Hydrometer is good for indicating the percentage of alcohol in water, it won’t work after sweetening wines or in a liqueur, and never in beer. You are going to have to do the math when you make Liqueurs, which is really what Apple Pie Moonshine is. I just tested a bottle that is about 30% alcohol or 60-Proof, it tested out less than Zero, it does not work with alcohol once you add sugar.

        • Rockkem52 says:

          A friend asked me to compare a strong beer (12 ounces) to a 6 ounce glass of apple pie moonshine made with 190 proof Everclear. Can you make a comparison as I don’t know how to answer her (i.e how many 6 ounce drinks of moonshine are equivalent to drinking a 6 pack of 12 ounce 6 pt. German beer? ) Could I get a copy of the spread sheet. Thanks…..

          • Dave says:

            It’s hard to answer that, first what percent alcohol is the beer? And which Apple Pie Recipe are you using, Dave’s Apple Pie is about 10-11% alcohol or 20 Proof, Apple Pie Shots is about 15+% alcohol or 30 Proof and HumbleVet’s Apple Pie is 20+% alcohol or 40+ Proof. Plus the sweetness seems to get the alcohol into the bloodsteam faster. There’s really only one way to tell and that’s to have a contest . . . Last man or woman standing Wins. It really doesn’t matter, it’s all about what you enjoy drinking.

        • penetratedlobe says:

          Very true – can’t use it after you add …. Another thing I run into is people saying ” Well I can’t put it in freezer, it freezes!” … Well duh! If it was 80 proof, it wouldn’t taste like apple pie, it’d taste like corn whiskey still – maybe a hint of the cinnamon. Have you tried extracts? The butter/vanilla extract tastes like whip-cream …

  283. thomas2234 says:

    how strong is it after u make it thats only like two cups of ever clear for about a gallon of mix ???
    what would the volume of alcohol be after u made it ???

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