Dave’s Coffee Moonshine Kahlua Recipe

After doing some research we found that this famous coffee liqueur from Mexico is made from sugar cane and coffee. I wanted to make a smaller batch and make a slightly tastier Liqueur . . . this my new recipe. Remember when you make this you may adjust the amount of coffee or sugar to your taste, that’s what makes your homemade liqueur unique. This recipe makes about one fifth, 750 milliliters.

Bring to a boil:
1 pint Water (16 ounces, 2 cups)
1 1/2 cups Granulated Cane Sugar
7 heaping tablespoons Instant Coffee (to taste)
Boil gently for 50-60 minutes to create a simple syrup consistancy.

Let it cool to room temperature, then Add:
1 1/2 tablespoons of Vanilla Extract
13-14 ounces 80 Proof Vodka (to taste)
Stir everthing together. Bottle it and use it as you would Kahlua, you can use it immediately but it gets better with aging. This makes about a fifth.

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4 Responses to Dave’s Coffee Moonshine Kahlua Recipe

  1. penetratedlobe says:

    I’m going to do a werthers butterscotch … I’ll let you know.

  2. dave says:

    I have a easy recipe for kahlua
    we call it dave & vickies kahula
    first make a very strong pot of coffie
    add 4 cups of sugar
    let cool to room temp ( i put it in the deep frezzer)
    then add 4 oz of pure Vanilla extract
    then add 1 Liter of 190 everclear grain
    to make a drink use a rocks glass add ice then 1/3 kahula top with milk
    this makes 2 liters and 1 1/5
    store in glass
    enjoy and be safe

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