Dave’s Peach Pie Moonshine Recipe

We have had many request for a Peach Pie Moonshine recipe, so after testing by myself, some friends and a member of our site, the following recipe is our final result. If you have a recipe of your own, Please email it to us.

This is the recipe yields a little over 3 fifths, you can easily double this recipe if you want a bigger batch..


½ gallon (64 oz.) Welch’s White Grape Peach Juice
1 ½ cups White Sugar
1 can Sliced Peaches (15-16 oz.)
3 Cinnamon Sticks
½ cup ( 4oz.) Peach Schnapps

Bring this to a boil, then let it simmer covered for about an hour. Let it cool down to room temperature then add the following:

1 cup (8-9 oz.) 190 proof Grain Alcohol, Everclear, Graves, etc.
½ cup (4 oz.) Peach Schnapps

You may have to strain this a couple of times through cheesecloth. Now just pour it into some Mason Jars and let it sit for a couple of weeks in a cool dark place. You can drink it right away but the flavor does mellow and taste better.

So far, the comments have been:

I made the Peach Pie and it was amazing. Everyone loves it just as much if not more than the apple.” from Eric, a Co-Conspirator and Good Ole Ways site member.

This stuff is freakin’ unbelievable ! ! !” from Chris, a Taster and Friend.

Crazy good ! ! !” from Ken, a Taster and Friend.



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233 Responses to Dave’s Peach Pie Moonshine Recipe

  1. comeonwork says:

    Dave, would you send me a copy of the spreadsheet please? kevinhester12@gmail.com Thanks in advance!

  2. comeonwork says:

    Would you send me a copy of the spreadsheet please? Thanks in advance. kevinhester12@gmail.com

  3. bobbyj1245 says:

    Hey Dave I would love a copy of your spread sheet to Thanks
    Great stuff

  4. Galabra77 says:

    So far I’ve made the apple pie and I have to say it is so good. Will be making the peach pie at some point. Could I possibly get a copy of the spreadsheets?

  5. crumley11 says:

    Hey Dave,
    I just made your peach pie recipe. It is scary good and my friends love it so thank you very much. May I also get your spreadsheet? Thank you.

  6. JKD051412 says:

    Hi Dave! Just finished making a batch of the Apple Pie Moonshine and can’t wait to try it. I have a question about the Peach Pie Moonshine. Have you ever considered or tried pureeing the canned peaches? since it is all going to be strained through the cheese cloth just thought it might give the shine a bit more peach flavor! Would love to hear your thoughts!

  7. goldnhart says:

    Everyone loves when I make the Apple Pie recipe for them….I keep seeing post about a spreadsheet with other recipes. Can I get a copy of the spreadsheet please.


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  9. jellison04 says:

    Can you please email me the recipe for cherry and watermelon. amber_90@hotmail.com

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  11. Vick says:

    I’m going to try making the peach pie tomorrow but was wondering if you have a recipe for strawberry?

  12. Haleiwa67 says:

    Hi Dave .. I stumbled on your site looking on how to flavor shine and I liked what I was reading from so many ppl… I just started to make some shine in small batches but I would like to flavor it with a variety of different fruit flavors since I really don’t like the taste of alcohol itself ( lol) . I see where ppl are asking for a spreadsheet and was hoping I could get this from you so I can break it down to what I need for the amounts I make ( will have a batch ready to flavor in just a couple days)… thanks in advance for your help….. Happy Holidays…

  13. rjnardi says:

    Is there a way to get the spreadsheet people are talking about with the different shine recipes?

    If so please email to rjnardi2@comcast.net.

  14. lfranklin64 says:

    Hello to all! I am new to this site & have enjoyed reading the recipes posted. I have made the apple pie moonshine & we all love it. My brother-n-law said that “one could sip that straight away all day cause it is so good!”
    Dave would you please send me the spreadsheet lfranklin64@icloud.com.
    Thanks a bunch,
    Happy mixing

  15. nic001colo says:

    Dave, can I get the spreadsheet?

  16. rox1227 says:

    I made the apple pie moonshine n forgot to put in the sugar.. Is the batch still good? Can I go back n put the sugar in.

  17. getsomme says:

    Hi everyone, I’m a very new shiner and made my first batch however it came out only 80 proof. I used two gallons of water, sugar and one small packet of beer yeast. I’m assuming my yeast ratio is off. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong or how much yeast I should be using?

  18. minion62 says:

    I have been experimenting on the peach theme, and have come up with a variation that I call fuzzy navel.. if you would like the recipe, give me a shout, twiterpaited@gmail.com

    have really enjoyed this site, as have most of my friends! thanks again!!

  19. Kate says:

    All I can say is…..AWESOME.

  20. Kate says:

    Hi Dave: Just found your site and have the peach pie moonshine cooking as I type. :-)
    Anyway what is the spreadsheet that is referred to. Can I get a copy.
    Also, do you have a strawberry pie receipe?

  21. nico1198 says:

    Made my first batch of peach today and it is wonderful. Thanks Dave. Is it possible to get a copy of your spreadsheet? I would like to try making a few more flavors.

  22. derbydoug says:

    love your site I gotta ask is this recipe correct cuz im dying to make it cuz I’m seeing where it says to add 1 cup (8-9 oz.) 190 proof Grain Alcohol, Everclear, Graves, etc. that just doesn’t seem like enough and the spread sheet everyone is asking about could I get one at douglaspickens@hotmail.com thanks and keep up the good work

  23. Rougon1213 says:

    Hello! I will be making my first batch of Peach Pie Moonshine this weekend. In your first comment, you say to strain a couple of time through a cheesecloth. Then in other comments you say to keep the peaches in. How can I strain it and keep a peach in there? Also what is this spreadsheet everyone is asking you for?
    Thank you, in advance, for your response.

  24. deano686kx says:

    We have made both the apple, and the peach. Rave reviews for both!!! I am currently searching for pumpkin pie recipe. Very hard to find. I’m going to start experimenting a bit, and if you have tried anything, I’d sure like any input. Keep up the great work. Love the site!!!

  25. titanicyn says:

    I have been making the Apple Pie for a couple years. it’s the hit of every party and my friends all LOVE it. Just got done making a batch of this Peach Pie and early tastes have it as my new favorite! (I used Peach Vodka in place of the Schnapps, just because I had it here) looking forward to how it will taste after sitting for a little while! I also tried my hand at a batch of Cherry today too…while it’s not bad, it’s not a full bodied as the peach seems to be. have you ever made Cherry?

  26. acoden21 says:

    Could I have a spread sheet plz and thank u

  27. fran1165 says:

    Both the peach pie and apple pie moonshine are fantastic! Can you please send me the spreadsheet so I can try others?

  28. pocketsizedfairy says:

    What if I wanted to make this in a large batch like I did for apple pie? How would that work out? Do you have a recipe I can follow?

  29. dmichael73 says:

    Great Apple Pie Moonshine recipe. Could you email me the spreadsheet so I can try out the others?

  30. BobM says:

    Hey Dave, Have you run across a good watermelon recipe. I tried your peach pie and it was excellent. I hate to ask a stupid question, but, I see people asking you for a spreadsheet. What the heck is that? Bob

  31. B_Lynn44 says:

    Hello Dave!
    I have been following your page for awhile now but just joined y’all today. I love coming to your page for new ideas. I would love if you or someone would so kindly e-mail me the spreadsheet of all the recipes! I would greatly appreciate it.


    Thanks in advance! Brandi Lynn =)

  32. rtbkatyou says:

    New to this site, thanks this site is just what we all need. Dave is there a chance I could get the spreadsheets emailed to me rtbkatyou@msn.com thanks in advance. Dave

  33. cthompson says:

    Dave could you please email me the spread sheets cthompson55@aol.com thanks

  34. Cletus says:

    The apple and peach turned out great…Can you send me the spreadsheet on the others you have? Especially Watermelon and Blackberry!!! shawn.hall74@gmail.com

  35. buzzardbreath says:

    Oops! Meant to say 1/2 cup honey. I also tossed in a few slices of candied ginger for a bit of spice. I didn’t want to go too fancy but the ginger needed using and peach and ginger go well together. :)

  36. buzzardbreath says:

    I just made a batch using Trader Joe’s Dixie Peach juice blend and using 1/4 cup honey instead of sugar. Very tasty! Definitely recommend using TJ’s Dixie Peach if you can get it (one of their summer seasonal products). The peach flavor really comes through. Can’t wait to taste it in about 2 months. :-)

  37. lk5414 says:

    Can I get a copy of the spread sheet at lisakroff@yahoo.com

  38. Womper says:

    Have made the peach a few times and every bon fire we have we can never seem to have enough lol was wondering if i could get the spredsheet though to expand to a few more flavors have only done the apple, peach, and lemonade and theyve all be great Thanks Dave

  39. Mystre says:

    Hey Dave.. can you send me more recipes.. used your Apple Pie.. would love to try somethings like strawberry as well… am making my own now and this is a fun addition to the still :)

  40. bugman says:

    Can I also get a copy of the spreadsheet e-mailed to me please.

  41. Kphifer10 says:

    Hey Dave,

    I’m new to making shine and I’ve tried the blackberry and apple pie.. so far everyone has loved it.. Whatever this spreadsheet everyone is talking about, will you please fwd me a copy? Kphifer10@hotmail.com.. Much appreciated… and thanks for the recipe’s! I am trying out a pumpkin pie variation this weekend and will post the results : )

  42. badmama1618 says:

    just wondering how you make the peach pie drink someone please e-mail me at tracien16@yahoo.com

  43. DarquePrinze says:

    I would like a copy of the spreadsheet as well. Thanks. darque_prinze77@yahoo.com

  44. Cowboy59 says:

    Can I use fresh peaches instead of canned? If you get a chance also could you send me a copy of the spreadsheet to natemiller99@yahoo.com? Your recipie’s sounds sooo good.


  45. Kari69 says:

    I made the Apple Pie at Christmas and handed out to friends as gifts. I made the peach pie and the Lemonade for a family reunion and everyone loved them. Wanting to do a Cherry Pie for a trip back home to see family.

    Could you send me your spreadsheet as well please – kjr9196@aol.com
    Thank you

  46. cmcgoff says:

    Looking for a spreadsheet also, made the peach pie today, used honey instead of sugar, turned out great!! Please email me @ dave_chandym@msn.com

  47. Susan says:

    Thanks for posting all of the great moonshine recipes! I made a Cranberry Moonshine for Thanksgiving last year based on your Peach Pie Moonshine. I used canned whole fruit cranberry sauce, Dekuyper’s Cranberry Schnapp’s, Cranberry juice, sugar, and left out the cinnamon sticks. It turned out great and was the hit of the dinner! It is now one of our favorite moonshine recipes. Thanks!

  48. annkatz says:

    Love the peach pie shine – best of the 3 I have tried, would love to get a cherry & strawberry recipe, or any other that your spreadsheet may have, my email is krazy4kat@live.com. Thanks for the best liquid peach pie ever!!

  49. carp says:

    Tried the apple pie recipe and it was great looking forward to trying the peach pie next. Do you have a pumpkin pie recipe in the works?? I would be grateful if you could send me the spreadsheets too. tlcinspections@yahoo.com
    Thanks much!

  50. laurenrich says:

    hello Dave,

    I am currently making peach pie and have made several batches of the apple pie and I was wondering if you would mind sending me the spreadsheet. my email is laurennicolerich@yahoo.com


  51. Lyndiann1 says:

    Tried both of your recipes…the apple and peach and both were a huge hit with everyone…I want to try to make a cherry and a watermelon…do you have a recipe for either or any suggestions…ty :)

  52. helmkelowell says:

    Dave, could I get a copy of your spreadsheet? Please and thank you! lhelmke@mac.com

  53. silverfox5963 says:


    I have made several batches of the peach pie recipe,everyone raves about it! Thanks so much for this site. Question, I had leftover quarts in my truck and they got hot in Texas sun, would it be ok to just cool them down and drink em or are they toast? Thanks again for all you do silverfox5963

  54. innissdrink says:

    Made the peach pie and left peaches and a cinnamon stick at the bottom of my jars. For the apple would you recommend a fresh apple or canned? Also i have bushel of strawberries and no idea how to make a strawberry moonshine. Is there anyway you can send me a spreadsheet please? Hoping to make the strawberry before my brother gets home from the sandbox. Thanks for doing what you do.

  55. jimshelly says:

    Can anyone send me wa recipes for strawberry,watermelon,and cherry pie moonshine please send to jimshelly4

  56. sito1103 says:

    Hello this recipe was great all my buddies loved it. However, I am looking for more recipes can someone email me the spreadsheet and or more recipes sito1103@yahoo.com. please and thank you.

  57. Daneosu says:

    Loved the peach pie! Do you mind sending the spreadsheet? Thanks in advance

  58. country Girl says:

    First time to this site…love it. Makin the Peach Pie tonight and was wonder about refrigeration, does it need to be refrigerated while it is mellowing?

  59. CaseyKellen says:

    Dave, Im going to try your apple Pie and Peach Pie recipies this weekend, Cant wait. Shoudl be good for our memorial day celebration! Can you please sedn me your recipe spreadsheet everyone is talking about?

    Thank you, Chris


  60. jlsimmons says:

    Is it possibe to get your recipe spreadsheet please. jlsimm1@gmail.com

  61. ntomasso23 says:

    I would love a spreadsheet! Thanks in advance ntomasso23@comcast.net and if anyone has hints for cherry moonshine thanks!

  62. in2sand says:

    dave on peach pie do we leave peaches in and put in the bottles??

  63. skoby says:

    I just joined this site today and have been wanting to try making moonshine ever since I went to TN this year and had some there. Can you please send some more recipes? I had blackberry in TN and it was great! I would like to make some.
    Thanks, Skoby

  64. bert5277 says:

    Could you send me a spreadsheet? Thanks

  65. cthat2 says:

    I would like to try to make strawberry,,, Do you have the recipe for it,,,,if you do can you send it to my email tucker7252@aol.com I might not see it on here, but I check my email all the time,,,,,,,,,,,,I am getting ready to make the peach,,,,I have tried the apple and I loved it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cathy

  66. cthat2 says:

    do I put peach schnapps,,in the part that I am going to a boil,,,and then again when I put the alcohol in ????? 1/2 cup

  67. KrazieLeg says:

    Thanks for the great recipes. I have made both the peach pie and apple pie, got rave reviews on both. I am now going to try cherry, strawberry, watermelon, and blackberry. If you don’t mind could you please send me the spreadsheets.


  68. oneamr11 says:

    Hi Dave!
    I’m planning on making my first batch of peach pie tomorrow and I was wondering, what is the approximate proof on this recipe? Also approximately how much does this recipe produce?

    Thanks in advance!

  69. zoner says:

    Hi Dave ,
    I joined the site about two week ago and I made my first batch of applies pie is in storage now for about a week. I would like to get your spread sheet and I’m looking for a mango recipe. Thanks

  70. hansw330 says:

    Hi Dave , I have made several gallons of the peach pie since first running into your site. everyone loves it. i make it with 100 proof corn likker and if yours calls for 1 liter of 190 i just use 2 liters of 100 proof.I know you are probobly sick of sending the spread sheet. but id like to have a copy too .mantuharley@yahoo.com thanks. is it posted on your site anywhere

  71. Dixiegurl says:

    Could I please get a copy of the spreadsheet? Thx

  72. LordAbraxis says:

    This looks like a really good recipe and I’m going to try this for my next batch! If it tastes as good as it looks like it does, I might add this to my regular batches that I make along with my APPLE PIE ALA MODE and ORANGE CREAMSICLE!

    What is this spreadsheet everybody is asking for?

  73. JRcarter79 says:

    Never got a spreadsheet??? My email is usmarine2112@yahoo.com

  74. tracker14 says:

    dave i would like to make your peach pie moonshine just made your lg batch apple pie yummmmmmmm ! can you give me the peach recipe to make nine quarts thinking miite be real taste on a summer aftanoon thanx tracker14

  75. golfhunter says:

    I’m new to the site but I would like a copy of your spreadsheets? Thanks email to jlanning28@hotmail.com

  76. Jeff M says:

    Hi, Dave I just wanted to say Thanks for the variety of recipes. The ones Ive tried were excellent. I was also hoping that you could send me a spreadsheet too. I am from s,e, wisconsin too. Thanks again Jeff jfmueller@wi.rr.com

  77. woodall says:

    Hey im in the works of having a 12 gallon plastic carboy produced and I was wondering if fellow shiners would be interested in it. So let me know if its something youd use or what. Being 12 gallons its great for a little bit bigger operation. Being plastic it wont be heavy except when full and wont be breable. Email me at woodall102093@gmail.com and tell me what you think and if your interested. Thanks

  78. retiredarmy31 says:

    Hey, been on your site almost everyday gettin ideas for all this.
    I’ve made many batches of apple, changed small things to taste.
    Also made cherry pie too, As you state, but decided to added cherries
    into the jars for looks. I have found that the jars of red cherries people
    use for fruit cakes work. They seem waxy but soak up the flavor, hold color
    and don’t break up in the jar over time.

  79. mike says:

    hey dave, just got done making a batch of peach pie shine
    I used real homemade “shine” i got from my cousin who lives in
    Bristol Tennessee he makes his own shine in his backyard he has still that makes
    up to ten gallons gave me two gallons for Xmas so today I decided
    to make some shine instead of buying everclear can’t wait
    till its ready to drink would like to get a copy of your spreadsheet
    my email is yaple44@centurylink.net

  80. corywill says:

    I used this recipe except I left out the cinnamon sticks and used Goldschläger. I also cut fresh peaches up and placed in the mason jars before filling. Everyone loved it. Thanks

  81. bwolfe says:

    Hey Dave,

    Just made this today. Smells great! Back in March you said that you left the peaches in and they hadn’t discolored. Did they ever discolor?

  82. cptjj88 says:

    Has anyone tried this recipe in a batch that would create 9 quarts like the apple pie recipe?

  83. Jill says:

    Would love to see your other recipes. Can’t wait to try this one. My email is jillianffail@yahoo.com

  84. kipp says:

    I made the apple pie shine. Do I strain it at all or not? And when I caned it with the cinnamon sticks they are dissolving and making it chunky is that normal? And would please send me a speed sheet please I would really appreciate it. Please write back at zackkipp@gmail.com

    • Dave says:

      Hi there!
      I do not remember ever having the cinnamon sticks disintegrate, I’d leave them in for flavor but probably strain them out before drinking. You don’t have to seal the jars by canning, I just put the lid on it.

  85. evanm says:

    Do you have any recipes for maybe a maple syrup based shine? I have a jug of real maple syrup and as it is the winter time, I think it would make for a real warm, tasty shine.

  86. Big Meat says:

    I made my first batch of apple pie it was better then the apple pie made shine. Thanks for the recipe. Will you be so kind and email me a spreadsheet of all your recipes thanks

  87. LouAnn says:

    Hello Dave
    Do you have any recipes for stawberrie/banana or just banana
    Thankyou LouAnn

  88. Tsals23 says:

    I made a large batch of the apple pie a few months ago and let me tell you it was absolutely incredible! I can’t even begin to explain the amount of people who wanted me to make them some and how highly they praised your recipe. This recipe sounds amazing as well and I am going to give it a shot over the weekend! Thanks for posting all of these great recipes!

  89. blandis says:

    Dave – you are a great person for sharing all these recipes. You’ve made a lot of people very happy and opened them up to a new world of creativity and mixology. If you would be so kind, I would very much appreciate a copy of your spreadsheet to help with the ratios since PA only sells 151 and doesn’t allow shipping of alcohol into the state. Thanks again. blandis13@gmail.com

    • Dave says:

      It’s a simple conversion, you’re trying to get to 190. If you multiply 151 by 125% you’ll be 188.75 proof. So if a recipe calls for 32 ounces, you would add an additional 8 ounces. If you want it stronger add more alcohol. I’ve made the recipe using 151 without any increase in amount and it’s very pleasant tasting. Try the Lemonade Moonshine recipe I used 151 while making it.

    • minion62 says:

      if you are near a military base, and have access to it, you can find the 190 proof there. Cali is the same way, they only sell the 151 out in the stores, but I buy the 190 on base. just a thought.. :)

  90. Jett54 says:

    We modified this recipe and made Cherry pie. people went nuts for it. We just substituted anything peach with cherry and used Hot Damn instead of peach schnapps.
    Was a big hit over Thanksgiving.

    • Dave says:

      Awesome idea, send us your whole recipe . . . Please!

      • freedomlover says:

        Hey Dave…thanks so much for sharing all your ideas…I’ve been brewing these recipes for days having a blast. Could you send me that spreadsheet everyone refers to? Thanks so much for everything.

      • Jett54 says:

        2 64 oz bottles of white grape cherry juice
        1/4 bottle of juicy juice cherry juice
        1 large can of cherry pie filling
        8 cinnamon sticks

        Bring all of the above to a boil save for the pie filling.
        Once it is boiling turn it down to a simmer and add the pie filling and let simmer for approximately 1/2 hour.

        Allow to cool to room temp before adding 1 mason jar full off moonshine (figures out to right around a fifth) and one pint bottle of Hot Damn.

        Make sure to filter through cheesecloth when putting in to mason jars, bottles or whatever you are going to keep it in so the cherry pie filling doesn’t get into the bottled finished product.

        We put it in the fridge but I’m sure any cool dry place will do.

  91. Tim says:

    Thanks for this website Dave. Could you please send me your spread sheet? Thank you in advance. tfilarski@gmail.com

  92. LouAnn says:

    I’m going to make a batchof peach this week, do I put the peaches in the jar?, or do you discard them?

  93. kwyatt says:

    Looking forward to try our first batch. Picked peach pie! Have you ever tried Cherry Pie? Looking for a recipe.

  94. melarz3 says:

    What does the proof of this moonshine end up being? I made a variation similar to pennyransom’s and it’s amazing but that makes it easy to over do it! Was hoping to figure out the proof so that I can warn others :)

  95. mkshfr says:

    I have been making beer, mead, and wine forever and just tried my first batch of peach pie… I doubled the recipe but may have committed a “foul”…. so I am asking for advice….I followed the directions, except I let my stuff boil for the entire hour….it cooked down about 1/3 ….SO, should I pitch it and start over, or should I add the alcohol and see what happens…it may be super flavorful….I should get a little over a gallon if I add a quart of alcohol….any comments appreciated…..

    • Dave says:

      I would add the alcohol and taste it. You can always add more peaches!

      • mkshfr says:

        well I can tell you the result was fantastic. I had to add another 1/3 – 1/2 gallon of peach juice because the cooked down mixture was very sweet and a bit syrupy (thick). After I added the juice I also added 1/2 cup of EC…. turned out fantastic. I already have people requesting jars of it…..thanks

  96. sstarbabe15 says:

    Hey Dave do you have the mango and white grape one also? I’m from GA and I hae had it a couple of times. It would be nice to have. Thanks

  97. giakaleena says:

    Hello Dave,

    I would like to try your recipe out for my Hoedown… Do you have a recipe for larger quantities and what could it be stored in? I’d like to make enough for 50-60 guest

  98. jjinga says:

    Is this right…put in a 1/2 cup of schnapps before cooking and another 1/2 after it cools?

    • Dave says:

      That’s how I made it originally. Now I skip the first half cup and just add one full cup after it has cooled, I figured why waste the alcohol!

      • jjinga says:

        Thanks Dave. I have my first batch on the stove now. The local dollar store only had a 24.5 oz jar of sliced peaches. I went a head and poured it all in. Hope it turns out ok. I will post results in a couple of weeks. Cant wait.

  99. Deanna1103 says:

    I have some white peach Cider and regulaer peach cider, do you think this recpie will work with them too? I was thinking I would follow the same as your apple pie….how would that be???

    • Dave says:

      It should be fine, I like to add the peach schnaaps for more peach flavor. Check under the Moonshine or Liqueur categories for different recipes you may be able to adapt.

  100. rh9919 says:

    After making several batches of the Peach Pie, I am getting requests for other flavors like watermelon, blackberry, and strawberry. Any recipes or ideas on these?

    • Dave says:

      I have a Blackberry recipe listed under the Moohshine or Liqueuer categories. I would use the Blackberry recipe and just substitute Strawberries. Explore the site I think you’ll find a lot of good stuff.

  101. AnneThrax says:

    Just made 6 qts yesterday with fresh peaches from the tree out front. Turned out delicious! Now I can’t wait to try the blackberry recipe with fresh berries. Thank You!

  102. pennyransom says:

    Just wanted to say that I live in Ga (the peach state) and I love to can and cook…so when I decided to try my hand at fruit liqueur I had some good ole southerners to give me some great recipes.. I have shine (the real stuff) from time to time as a gift or such..but none at the moment and lots of peaches from a local grower, So I got online and searched under peaches and found this site..Thank you so MUCH!! I made the Peach pie moon shine tonight and while I did change it up a little bit, it is amazing! Anything that taste that good right out of the stock pot has to be spectacular, I cant wait to re-taste it in a few weeks. Because I have had the real peach shine before and it is normally so clear it looks like water in a quart jar, with a peach flavor you never see coming…. I knew the exact taste I was going for. So I started with the welches Peach Mango grape juice, but added a gallon (two of the two quart bottles Walmart sells it in) Then I added a cup of peach schnapps to the pot, Some fresh peaches peeled and cut up into slices, then I added the syrup from the canned peaches–I didn’t use the peaches in the can, instead I used the fresh I had on hand and cheated with the syrup in the can. As that began to heat up, I added one and half cups of white sugar, about eight to ten whole cloves, some all spice (maybe a teaspoon) and a good tablespoon or a little more of nutmeg. Then I added about a two table spoons of lemon juice. As that heated up, I added a tablespoon of vanilla flavoring. I let all this come to a rolling boil, then simmered on med to low heat for about 45 minutes. I let it cool enough to handle, poured it through cheese cloth three times, it came out SO VERY clear-not the color of water as it would have with a moon shine that used a fruit mash or clear flavors, but clearer than the commercial stuff I have seen for sale in the mountains a few hours away It was a perfect, very light amber color (the color of pure summer peaches) Once it cooled down to room temp, I added two cups of peach schnapps.

    Now here is where I should I have measured, but didn’t–( I will next week when I make the apple pie version) In Georgia we can buy the 190 proof ever clear; and our bottle of it for 20 bucks is HUGE..the amount in the bottle is marked NO where on the bottle, we looked all over it, all I can say is the bottle is big enough to have a handle on the back..lol. I then kept adding the ever clear until I got the exact taste I was looking for in the clear peach shine I have had numerous times…Half of that big bottle got me that taste. I then put some fresh whole peaches (peeled and pitted) into wide mouth 1 quart mason jars and put some lemon juice on top of the peaches before adding peach pie shine (to help hold color I hope) I put a cinnamon stick in two jars to sample as well. Two other jars I added nothing but the peach pie shine. This batch gave me four quart jars and four pint jars of the peach pie shine.

    I sampled a few shots tonight before putting one jar in the fridge, the others in a cool place to rest and absorb more flavor–it taste exactly like the peach shine I have had before, maybe better–a few sips and you feel the warmth without the burn of straight white lightening..in the south us ladies use it in our sweet tea, its amazing that way as well. I am going to try the apple shine next week with the other half of this huge bottle of everclear–cant wait to taste it as well and I will post the exact amount of everclear I use since I didnt measure this time, just went for the taste I was looking for.

  103. kellye says:

    I’d love a spreadsheet when you have time. Thanks!

  104. larry1488 says:

    made this the other day. tast tested and storded it away…. wate to weaks.. ya right. i couldent wate to days.

  105. larry1488 says:

    Awesome sight. I made your apple pie recipe yesterday and loved it chilled on ice with friends. was wondering if adding less sugar would change it much. or is there something else I can subsitute it with.

  106. erod705 says:

    Two questions.. If I tripled this recipe, how many quart jars would it fill? Also, when you say Peach Juice, I am assuming you mean the juice in the can left from the peaches, correct? If not, could you tell me how much peach Juice?
    Btw.. The apple pie is amazing!!!! Family reunion favorite!!! Made the party!!

    • Dave says:

      You’re right just dump in the whole can. Just do the math, 1 fifth equals 26.5 ounces, so 3 times 26.5 equals 79.5 ounces so it would be 3 times 79.5 equals 238.5 ounces divided by 32 equals 7 quarts and 15.5 ounces. These numbers will be close but not exact, you will lose some liquid due to evaporation. Fot something fun try the Lemonade Moonshine AKA Dave’s Harder Lemonade!

  107. penetratedlobe says:

    Try peach extracts.

  108. njarvis11977 says:

    How long do you think the peaches will last in the jars before they discolor?

  109. margarita says:

    Do you give the peach pie and apple pie a hot bath after putting into sterilized mason jars? If not, how long will they keep not refrigerated?

    • Dave says:

      We do not give them a hot bath, we’re not canning just makin’ booze. I found a quart of Apple Pie that was a year old, I’ve kept several others for over six months. The flavor really smooths out after a few months. The longest I’ve had peach is three or four months, If you have a cooler area in your house it’s always a good idea to keep it there.

      • margarita says:

        Thank you Dave. 1 more question, can you use peach nectar in the peach pie moonshine? Oh by the way 1/2 of a vanilla bean in each jar of apple pie is yummy.

        • Dave says:

          Peach Nectar sounds good, so why not? These are actually liqueurs we are creating, so if you like a taste or have a better way to do it, do it. Please let us know what your results were and what was the recipe that you came up with. On my last batch of Peach Pie, I chose to skip adding the Peach Scnapps to my boil and saved it until I added the Everclear, I figured why waste the alcohol. The vanilla bean sounds like a great idea, Thank You!

          • margarita says:

            Hi Dave, as soon as I get my hands on some peach nectar and 190 everclear, I will brew a batch and post how I did it. Thank you again for all your suggestions and help.

          • margarita says:

            Dave, I just wanted to share a variation on your peach pie recipe. I boiled then simmered, 1/2 gal welches white grape juice, 4 cinn. Sticks, 1 jar canned peaches, 2 bags frozen peaches, 1/2 cup honey, 1 whole van. bean cut into 4 pieces and 4 whole cloves. I then let it cool and added 1 cup peach schnapps, 1 cup whipped cream vodka and 1 cup everclear. Put in jars, peaches and all. It is so good already can’t wait to see what it taste like in 2 weeks.

      • in2sand says:

        hey dave thanks for ur yummy stuff and time u put in to ur site … so we do not have to pt the flavored moonshine in fridge?? ive seen several differnt reciepes and they all say to put in fridge ? could you clarify what is ok to do and i see it lasts a long time still good ??

  110. lilacstarz says:

    Wow, sorry for the typos….it’s the iPad :) . Brown sugar not brain sugar on the cherries :)

  111. lilacstarz says:

    I made the peach pie. It has an awesome flavor. I want it to age a few weeks and I’m wondering if it should go in the fridge while aging because ofmthe peaches? I strained the peaches out, put them in a mason jar and covered with some peach syrup and everclear.

    I made one batch of marachsino cherries with brandy and brain sugar and spices and they are now aging. I made another one with marshmallow vodka, sugar and spices. I’ll update on them in a few weeks :)

  112. lilacstarz says:

    What at are your thoughts if you allow it to age with the peaches in it for weeks and then strain?

    I’m also going to make brandied maraschino cherries..any thought?

    • Dave says:

      I have three quarts sitting on my counter right now with peaches in them, I’m watching them to see if the peaches discolor. It’s been two weeks and they still look good. I’ve got a couple of ideas on the cherries but I’m waiting for them to come in season and the prices to come down.

  113. polar21 says:

    Dave, I have made both the apple and peach pie moonshine. Wanted to thank you for the great recipes, evrybody that has tried them raves about them and loves them. Im curious, do you happen to have a Cherry pie recipe ?

  114. benny says:

    Love the recipe but one thing I wasn’t sure on when I made this and Apple pie….. What size cinnamon sticks should I use? I ended up going with 2 inch ones I think. Should they have been bigger?

  115. dragontj says:

    Just made my first batch of this. Smells amazing. Thank you!

    Trying to figure out a way to make strawberry shortcake…might have to come up with my own recipe for it :)

  116. buttsjc says:

    How much peach juice?

  117. Culinary Hero says:

    Just made my first batch today. I did make one change, I used frozen peaches vs. the canned ones. The type of grain alcohol I used was “diesel 153″ proof, since in Calif, you can’t buy 190 proof anything. Easy to make, fragrance is amazing while cooking down. Recipe yeilded 6+ full quarts. I put cinnamon sticks in all 6 of the jars and only peaches in 3 of the 6 jars.

    This is the 2nd time I have made a form of “Daves Moonshine,” the first one was the Apple Pie. Each taste delicious, but I think that if I compare the fresh products together, I like the peach one better, but, lets see what the 21 day resting period will do.

    A Friend made Apple Pie appx 3.5 weeks ago and he followed the directions explicitly and the Shine lacked a little punch if ya know what I mean, but when he ate the apple..Wow…he got a good kick. Next time, we will not add the apples to the finished jars, we will add them to the cooking pot instead. Just to try it a different way.

    Hopefully soon, he will buy a still and we can make our own grain alcohol…

    As a Professional Chief says, take it, make it, and then make it your own! and share what you have with others, so they too, can make it, take it and make it their own…

    Next up to make is the blackberry…

  118. rosallen says:

    Made one batch a month ago. Couldn’t find welchs white grape peach juice. Found Welch’s white grape mango peach juice. Bought Kern’s Peach Nectar instead. In MI you can’t buy 190 proof. Used 151 proof. No complaints from anyone in my group. Tastes great. Will try a little more Everclear to kick up a notch. Don’t throw the cooked peaches away. Is great on vanilla ice cream. The wife makes home made ice cream which is better yet. I would love a copy of the black berry recipe also if you don’t mind.

    Thanks for the recipes. Great site!!

    • Dave says:

      If you can only get 151 proof that’s fine, the difference is 75.5% alcohol instead of 95% so if you add 25% more you’ll be about right. We never throw away the peaches there’s some good alcohol left in them and they taste great. The Blackberry is on the site as DoG’s Blackberry Moonshine Liqueur, it has two versions which age both tasty.

  119. thickmadame32 says:

    If the cinnamons sticks are ommited will this change the flavor negatively…i really want to make this and the apple pie recipe for my wife and our friends but she hates cinnamon

  120. greg says:

    I just made up a batch tonight, can’t wait to give it a try. I was wondering something. I saw a jar of cherry shine at a liquor store that had cherries left in the jar. I was thinking of doing this with some of the peaches. Do you think there would be a problem with that?

  121. Daven says:

    Perfect!! Sounds good! I cannot wait to try them!! I only made one small batch so far. So it ended up filling 2 mason jars. I put one cinnamon stick in one of the bottles and none in the other, just to see what kind of difference that makes. I’ll be back in a couple weeks to give it a review for you! :)

  122. Daven says:

    Well, I just tried out this recipe!! I’m incredibly excited to see how it tastes. I just got done making it and I want to store it for at least a couple days before trying it. You say to store it in a cool dark place, would this be like a basement? Could I keep one in the fridge so it’s nice and cold when I drink it? Or do you want it kept in just a semi-cool place and drink it with ice to make it cold?

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