HumbleVet’s Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

HumbleVet’s Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

This version comes from one of our members, HumbleVet, it packs a pretty good punch with a nice flavor. We have found that it causes speech to slur and has been known to make people fall down on occasion. Enjoy!

16 oz. Apple Cider
16 oz. Apple Juice
2 Tablespoons Sugar
2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
2 Cinnamon Sticks

8 oz. Everclear
3 oz. Buttershots (Butterscotch Schnapps)
1 1/2 oz. Hot Damn (Cinnamon Schnapps)
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Extract (Optional)

1. Put the Apple Cider, Apple Juice, Sugar and Cinnamon Sticks in a pot, (I use a 9 cup Pyrex coffee pot for a small batch like this).

2. Bring the ingredients up to a boil, then drop down the heat and let it simmer until the Cinnamon Sticks start to open up. Shut off the heat, set it aside.

3. Let it cool down to room temperature, (I have a friend who always lets his sit overnight). Stir in your alcohol, add the vanilla extract (optional). You can sample it now, but it will taste better if you age it overnight or longer if you can wait.

This recipe makes a little over a quart. The nice thing is that when you fill up a quart jar or bottle there is some left over for sampling.

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24 Responses to HumbleVet’s Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

  1. newewayn says:

    The apple pie was amazing . I would like to try the rest, can you please email me the spread sheet with the other recipes.

  2. nancy says:

    Where can I find the recipe for the Cherry Pie?

  3. mason says:

    just tried your apple pie recipe… was excellent. can you please send me a spreadsheet? i would love to try a few more recipes.

  4. Dixiegurl says:

    Can u please send me a copy of the spreed sheet?

  5. DustinlQ says:

    Hey I lost my spreadsheet do you think you could send another please thanks so much

  6. sbboan says:

    Forgot to add my email address for a spread sheet! Thank you!

  7. russ7476 says:

    Dave. Could you please send me a spreadsheet. Thanks

  8. BenBarefoot says:

    hopefully this isnt a stupid question. Could you use those hot apple cider powder packs as a supsitute for the apple cider

  9. kipp says:

    Can I get a spreed sheet from u please? I made the apple pie shine and when I put in mason jars the cinnamon sticks in the jars they are dissolving making it chunky. Is that normal? And do I strain it before I add the graves grain or after or not at all? Please write back

  10. brrengr says:

    Do you have to seal the Mason jars as you do in canning? Would sealing help for long term storage? Also please email the spreadsheet !!

    • Dave says:

      No you don’t have to, just make sure the lids are on tight. If you make sure the lids are on tight you should be OK, the alcohol takes care of the preserving. I found a jar the was about three years old behind some canned goods in the pantry, it smelled good, so we drank it. It was really good, very smooth.

  11. mullz says:

    Can you show the recipe for like a half gallon make?

  12. Southland says:

    Another question about cinnamon sticks. Do you use the two original sticks or add two fresh ones in the jar?

  13. thickmadame32 says:

    Can the cinnamon sticks be ommitted…i want to make this recipe but my wife doesnt like cinnamon…will this change the flavor too much

    • Dave says:

      You can skip the cinnamon sticks and you’ll have to cut out the Hot Damn which is cinnamon schnapps, It will change the flavor but that’s up to you, You could skip putting the cinnamon stick in the boiling process, split the batch into two containers, put a cinnamon stick in one while it’s cooling and Hot Damn (after it has cooled) plus halve the amounts, of course .Leave the other plain for your wife, That way you could try it both ways in one batch. Apple Pie Moonshine is made many different ways, I like to use brown sugar some folks do not. Did you look at Dave’s Apple Pie Moonshine or Apple Pie Shots with Everclear any one could be made without cinnamon.

      • Hillcountry says:

        Reckon what the percentage of alcohol is for this recipe? Im thinking of multiplying by 8 to get 8+ quarts. Since the vanilla is ‘optional’, i’m also thinking about using only 2 teaspoons which would be half of four in a 8 quart mixture…your thoughts?

        • Dave says:

          This recipe is about 20% alcohol or 40-proof. If you go 8 times you’ll have about 10 quarts. It would be 4 teaspoons of vanilla, but you could add less and then adjust it to your taste.

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